How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 29 2004

'Anything ___' (Woody Allen film) ELSE
1987 Costner role NESS
Able to bear FERTILE
Bar ___ NONE
Beehive, e.g. UPDO
Bets on BACKS
Bolted SHUT
Bone-dry ARID
Carnival game played with a mallet WHACKAMOLE
Castel Sant'___ (Roman museum) ANGELO
Cheating-woman-with-an-angry-husband con BADGERGAME
Coca-Cola drink brand HIC
Done on one side UNILATERAL
Drinks made with mixers MILKSHAKES
Even finish TIE
Film featuring Slinky Dog and Hamm the Pig TOYSTORY
Final portion TAIL
Ford model introduced in 1981 ESCORT
Good clean fun? BUBBLEBATH
Good sign? HALO
Henpecks CARPSAT
Historical author seen on PBS's 'The Civil War' FOOTE
Husky burden SLED
In an ugly way FOULLY
It may go into action ARMY
Leading ammunition maker OLIN
Light case LANTERN
Like Ma and Pa Kettle FOLKSY
Low-grade?: Abbr. ELEM
More impudent BRASHER
Most sexually alluring FOXIEST
Mount ___, highest peak in the Rockies ELBERT
Multitude BEVY
Number 2, e.g. LEADPENCIL
Old Nick SCAR
One of a matched pair, maybe HERS
Pick up from school LEARN
Pink-slip BOOT
Precept TENET
Proctor's call TIME
Public relations people ADVANCEMEN
Pulse quickener, say IRE
Regrettable SAD
Restaurant hostess's command FOLLOWME
Retro restaurant AUTOMAT
Salt holder BOAT
Scrubbers LOOFAHS
Some religious observances FASTS
Some trousers CORDS
Stick POKE
Stir-fry tidbit SNOWPEA
Stone Age relics HANDAXES
They snip and clip EDGETOOLS
They're full of life ECOSYSTEMS
Tosses it in FOLDS
TV show created by Steven Bochco LALAW
Typed in ENTERED
Typical Scarlatti work OPERASERIA
Unwise undertaking FOLLY
Was older than FOREDATED
Waste time DAWDLE
What 'Britney Spears' means in rhyming slang BEERS
___-eyed (naive) DEWY
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