How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 19 2019

'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' channel tbs
'I kid you not!' truly
'Uh ... sure' iguessso
'Wonder Woman' antagonist ares
'You've gotta be kidding' yeesh
1972 Bill Withers hit useme
1984 Steve Perry hit shesmine
Ache yen
Acher's lament imsore
Act overprotectively toward codmollydle
Actress Petty of 'A League of Their Own' lori
Aetna's business: Abbr ins
Alternative to Corinthian ionic
Animal with tusks boar
Approx. 1,055 joules btu
Barbra Streisand album 'A Love Like ___' ours
Bit of old-fashioned animation cel
Blabbed sang
Boost legup
Bow-wielding god eros
Braves' division, briefly nleast
Bygone Apple laptop ibook
Capital once known as Thang Long ('Ascending Dragon') hanoi
Clobber drub
Comedic actor Wareheim eric
Counterpart of 'highway' in an m.p.g. rating city
Cowboys and Spurs teams
Crash site? cot
Cuddly-looking bear panda
Danger for coastal residents stormsurge
Dangling part of a rooster wattle
Delightful event? outage
Depiction in Bosch's 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' eden
Digital world web
Does groundbreaking work? mines
Doppelgänger twin
Engineer who coined the term 'horsepower' watt
Erato's instrument lyre
Event in nuclear physics coldfission
Facebook users' multitude groups
Family business mafia
Fate, in Greek myth moira
Feature of an old-fashioned swing tire
Fencing sword epee
First word in many a limerick there
Fleet-footed swift
Flotilla of merchant ships argosy
For the most part mainly
Format accommodating poor vision largetype
French fashion icon dior
French toast avotresante
Gave extra juice perchsuarged
Give it up, so to speak clap
Gym rat's development troutworkouine
H. H. Munro's pseudonym saki
Handyperson's inits diy
He hosted the second-ever episode of 'Saturday Night Live' paulsimon
Helms heads
High pitch, maybe ball
Hilton alternative omni
Hoodwink fool
Hospital tube stent
Hot chili designation fouralarm
In two pieces apart
Incompetent sort, slangily mook
Infiltrator mole
Isle named for a Gaelic goddess eire
It 'should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,' according to a saying art
It may lead to tax evasion charges audit
Its wingspan can reach 30 feet mantaray
Language family that includes Crow and Lakota siouan
Larrups tans
Like 'mailman' and 'waitress' gendered
Like beer and baking dough yeasty
Like some booms sonic
Like some sheets satin
Like the central planet in 'Dune' arid
Little rapscallions imps
Lumbers (along) plods
Male buddy, in slang brah
Member of a South Asian diaspora desi
Meter reading fare
Mini manufacturer bmw
Not 100% ill
Not like the odds of, say betagainst
One might be thrown from a horse lariat
One working on an estate serf
Oscar winner for 'Shakespeare in Love' dench
Over ended
Peace Nobelist Walesa lech
Pirouette whirl
Presage augur
Problem usually encountered at night apnea
Quaff quickly chug
Ragtag motley
Rain unsteadily spit
Reckless rash
Refuses to share hogs
Requests asks
Reveals bares
Rival of BAL and BOS nyy
Role for a biology grad student, perhaps basslaistant
Say uncle givein
Sci-fi subgenre with 'retrofuturistic' technology steampunk
Searched for truffles, maybe rooted
Shade of black sable
Shield of Greek myth aegis
Shoe with lots of holes croc
Something journalists may work on spec
Sounds of disappointment tsks
Source of some penetrating notes oboe
Steinbeck novel featuring the madam Dora Flood canneryrow
Stretching or tightening muscle tensor
Surprised tunacaughwares
Sushi topper roe
The 'Aladdin' song 'A Whole New World' takes place on one carpmagicetride
The miser's daughter in Molière's 'The Miser' elise
They're full of hot air driers
Title in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' liege
Took a chill pill cooleddown
Tres y tres seis
Try Sinatra at karaoke, say croon
Vietnamese soup pho
Vittles grub
War loser, usually trey
Weapon that's thrown bolas
Went white paled
What a cake candle often represents year
What might get you a 'ladle' drunk? pikesdpunch
What the Czech word 'ano' means in English, paradoxically yes
Widespread unrest riots
Winnow sift
Word with boom or skip town
Worker with numbers, for short cpa
Works with numbers opuses
___ Club sams
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