How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 13 2018

' feet
'2 funny!!!' rofl
'I'll return shortly,' in a text brb
'Ish' orso
'Just ___ suspected' asi
'That doesn't impress me much' meh
'That's mine!' dibs
'The Simpsons' or 'Futurama' satire
'To Live and Die ___' inla
'Toodles!' seeya
'Trading Spaces' host Davis paige
'___ you the clever one!' arent
1940s vice president Wallace henry
1988 top 10 hit for Tracy Chapman fastcar
A shroud of secrecy, idiomatically wraps
Actor whose first and last names look like they rhyme, but don't seanbean
Ad spot
Alway eer
Arcade hoops game nbajam
Back in time ago
Back-of-newspaper section obits
Be traitorous to flipon
Big Apple cultural site, with 'the' met
Big loss rout
Burger topper cheese
Camping menace tick
Carbo-loading dish pasta
Certain computer whiz itguy
Certain layers hens
Chairman and ___ (common title) ceo
Chaperones, usually adults
Chinese leader Xi jinping
Command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard makeitso
Comparable (to) akin
Cookie holder tin
Cools one's heels waits
Deep defenses moats
Digitize, in a way scan
Dignified lady matron
Down Under hopper roo
Emerald or aquamarine beryl
Endlessly starting over onrepeat
Enthusiastic rahrah
First things to go into jammies tootsies
Fruit drink ade
Gather around, as an idol mob
George ___ University mason
German interjections achs
Geronimo, for one apache
Ginormous immense
Good name for a 'High Noon'-themed dating site? westernunion
Good name for a carpentry dating site? boardmeeting
Good name for a dating site for lovers of natural foods? organicchemistry
Good name for a dating site full of hot dudes? studfinder
Good name for a dating site of massage therapists? rubbermatch
Good name for a deep kissers' dating site? frenchconnection
Good name for a non-monogamist dating site? openflames
Good name for an extreme sports dating site? actionitems
Grannies nanas
Group dance with stomps and claps step
Gum ingredient chicle
Had a table for one atealone
Hit hard rammed
Hitter's hitter bat
Immediately pronto
In amazement awed
Instrument plucked with a mezrab sitar
It's all in the head dream
IV checkers rns
John of the Velvet Underground cale
Junior son
Kitty-cat, e.g pet
Like child's play asnap
Like early Elvis recordings mono
Lincoln Logs and such toys
Lincoln's home: Abbr neb
Litter's littlest runt
Long span eon
Lowly workers peons
Manning with the second-longest QB starting streak in N.F.L. history eli
Member of a southern colony penguin
Model Page known as 'The Queen of Pinups' bettie
Monster slain by Hercules hydra
Movement ism
Nada zippo
Napa Valley vintner Robert mondavi
Natural light beam sunray
Nautical title, informally bosn
Naval officer: Abbr ens
Neat as ___ apin
Noggin coconut
North Carolina university elon
Not new used
NPR host Shapiro ari
Number one pal bestie
Numerical prefix octa
O.T.C. O.K.'er fda
Obsolescent high school course, informally homeec
One of the Brontës anne
Ones passed on a track batons
Ones to watch phenoms
Org. with a flower logo epa
Patty alternative? trish
Performances at Paris's Palais Garnier operas
Performer in makeup, typically mime
Player of Robin Hood in 1991 costner
Poetic tribute ode
Prefix with center epi
Previous name for an athletic conference now with 12 members pacten
Put in order sort
Rainbows, e.g arcs
Real lookers? eyes
Revolting sorts nasties
Satanic look evilgrin
Singular sole
Sky-blue azure
Slice of a timeline era
Some TV ads, for short psas
Something taken on a field? knee
Southernmost of the Lesser Antilles trinidad
Sped (along) barreled
Statistician's grouping dataset
Stockpile amass
Swamps bogs
Swing time? recess
The rite place? altar
Thompson of 'Selma' tessa
Titter teehee
To whom Brabantio says 'Thou art a villain' iago
Tot's wear onesie
UTEP team miners
Victor's shout booyah
Visage face
Vittles eats
Went through channels? swam
Whole lot ton
[Avoid watching this in front of the boss] nsfw
___ Aviv tel
___ Bread (cafe chain) panera
___ colada pina
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