How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 04 1997

'Enemies, A Love Story' actress LENAOLIN
'I've heard enough!' CANIT
'If I ___ betting man...' WEREA
'The Bell Jar' writer PLATH
'Who'll volunteer?' ANYBODY
'___ coffee?' TEAOR
'___ each life...' INTO
'___ It Kinda Fun' (1945 song) ISNT
'___ joy keep you' (start of a Sandburg poem) LETA
Actionable statements LIBELS
Actor Conrad of old films NAGEL
African ranger IMPALA
Allegedly at fault BLAMED
Arrive, but just barely EDGEIN
Astaire and Rogers, e.g. HOOFERS
Big snowfall FOOT
Bonelike OSTEOID
Book after Amos: Abbr. OBAD
British isles AITS
Call to attention PSST
Classified information? APT
Clockmaker Thomas SETH
Clothes line SEAM
Colo. neighbor NEBR
Colored TINTED
Comics cry EEK
Cousin of 'Omigod!' EGAD
De ___ hotel LUXE
Democrat's opponent? DESPOT
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Dusseldorf donkey ESEL
Early comic writer ARISTOPHANES
Emergency room cases, for short ODS
F.C.C. concerns: Abbr. STDS
Feeler TEST
Fire damage SOOT
Fish usually caught in the winter SHAD
Flake off SHED
French department or river ORNE
French surname start DES
Friend for Rover or Fido REX
Gets rid of, as stock SELLSOFF
Gil Blas's creator LESAGE
God offended by Daphnis EROS
Gray of 'Gray's Manual of Botany' ASA
Had to do with BOREON
Halls of music ODEA
Hardly a fop SLOB
Having no spark left DEFEATED
Hello, of sorts AHOY
In ___ (harmonious) SYNC
Is of value, colloquially AINTHAY
It's added to the bill RIDER
Jack Mercer supplied his voice POPEYE
Jai ___ ALAI
Jocular suffix EROO
Judge to be DEEM
Kick up ___ (complain) AFUSS
Kind of personality TYPEA
King Harald's father OLAV
Knight fight TILT
Lecherlike LEWD
Like Jack NIMBLE
Linguist Mario PEI
Livestock feed SOILAGE
Lose forward momentum SIDESLIP
Lt.'s inferior ENS
Mad as a hornet SORE
Mantel piece VASE
Many years AEON
Medley OLIO
Most blue? TRUEST
Name in book publishing since 1943 DELL
Nice 'n Easy maker CLAIROL
North of Virginia OLLIE
Northern capital OSLO
O.K.'d: Abbr. APP
Old White House moniker ABE
One way to get things down PAT
Onetime Olympics host TOKYO
Opening for a dermatologist PORE
Oriole's origin EGG
Out of action IDLE
Parenthesis, essentially ARC
Parlor piece SETTEE
PBS supplier BBC
Platy propellers FINS
Pod used in cooking SNAPBEAN
Pound sound YELP
Prior to, poetically ERE
Prismatic, as a stone OPALINE
Proof of ownership DEED
Puffed up VAIN
Puts forth EXERTS
Revolutionary turned politico DANIELORTEGA
Saint in Brazil PAULO
See 116-Across MYDIGNITY
See 27-Across OLDSMOKEY
See 55-Across AVERAGE
See 81-Across CLOTHES
Sharp-toothed creatures MORAYS
Shepherd's setting LEA
Skirt style MAXI
Some bands ELASTICS
Some Canadian fliers GEESE
Some speech sounds NASALS
Symphonic poem inventor LISZT
Take the grand prize WINITALL
Tampa-to-Jacksonville dir. NNE
They roll on a Rolls TYRES
Thrust forward PROTRUDE
Uncomplicated EASY
Vegan morsels SNOWPEAS
Walker, briefly PED
Warm, so to speak NEAR
Was upset and then some HADAFIT
Way up a hill TBAR
Willy Wonka creator DAHL
With 106-Across, phrase said with a sneer BENEATH
With 3-Down, features of some ads BEFORE
With 30-Across, where to find a snowcap ONTOPOF
With 38-Down, almost positive BEYOND
With 63-Across, pretty good ABOVE
With 75-Across, unmentionables UNDER
Without means of support? BRALESS
Words to live by AXIOM
Wounds HURTS
Wounds with words SLANDERS
Year in Edward the Confessor's reign MLI
___ Khan AGA
___ uproar INAN
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