How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 01 2005

'Am I the problem here?' ISITME
'Am ___ believe …?' ITO
'Likewise' SODOI
'Little ___,' 1994 Russian-American film drama ODESSA
'Presumed Innocent' novelist TUROW
'Soft flowing' stream of poetry AVON
'That clarifies it' ISEENOW
1960's Nascar champ ___ Jarrett NED
1962 #1 hit with the lyric 'True love will never die' SHEILA
A sitter employs one CHAIR
Access, in a way LOGONTO
Account TALE
Actor Jack famous for his startled double take OAKIE
Actress Skye IONE
Alley Oop's girl OOOLA
Ancient city's increase in prosperity? RISEOFJERICHO
As great as everyone says THATGOOD
At least NOLESS
Bar counter sight TIPJAR
Bargain on a wrap? MINKSTEAL
Baseball park SHEA
Beat by one, say EDGED
Billing abbr. ACCT
Breakfast cereal MUESLI
Brown fur STOAT
Bruce Lee TV role KATO
Camera shop display, for short SLRS
Capital of Western Australia PERTH
Carrier to Kyoto, briefly JAL
Certain computer message ERROR
Chaucer pilgrim REEVE
Chinese dynasty HAN
Chipmaker's substitute OLESTRA
Coach Glen of the dynasty Edmonton Oilers SATHER
Common clown name BOBO
Computer screen setting, quickly LORES
Conceit EGO
Constrains KEEPSIN
Day break NAP
Deal busters: Abbr. DEA
Demise of an old empire? NORMANFALL
Diminutive ones BANTAMS
Drops on a field DEW
Eastern hospice IMARET
Eclectic bimonthly UTNE
Emerald Isle, in verse HIBERNIA
Flynn who played Don Juan ERROL
Forming a series ENSUITE
Friend of Nancy AMIE
Genre SORT
Gray, in a way AGE
Holy Hindu's title SRI
Horiz. ACR
IBM competitor NEC
Illumination at Buckingham Palace? ENGLISHLIGHT
In one's cups SMASHED
Indian near the Platte OTO
It spits out cabbage ATM
It's a shore thing HERON
It's done by swingers THELINDY
Like some small flats TWOROOM
Linen purchase TWINSET
Lingo shared by Tour de France competitors? BICYCLESPEAK
Literally, 'for this' ADHOC
Little bit IOTA
Make ___ of it ANOTE
Massenet work THAIS
Med. specialty GYN
Mike Ditka, e.g.? ABEARLEADER
Minute TINY
Muslim honorific AGHA
Name in the Nixon White House SPIRO
Near the beginning EARLYON
No longer in NOTHOT
Oil of wintergreen, e.g. ESTER
One side in the cold war NATO
One who believes there are two eternal principles, one good and one evil DUALIST
Org. for rollers PBA
Overlapping parts of a fugue STRETTI
Overseas article UNA
Pablo Neruda works ODES
Place of ill repute SODOM
Plain English PROSE
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Predatory fish GAR
Prefix with morph ECTO
Québec's ___ d'Orléans ILE
Racer from Santa, e.g. TOY
Racing's Santa ___ ANITA
React violently RETCH
Really out there AFAR
Rear-___ ENDER
Repeat ECHO
Rochester's love EYRE
Roe source SHAD
Sandlot game ONEOCAT
Shakespearean sabbatical? STAGELEAVE
Showing more skin BARER
Site of a noted flag-raising IWOJIMA
Slender woman SYLPH
Soldier's helmet TINHAT
Some thank God for it: Abbr. FRI
Spray MIST
Stat for a starter WIN
Stays off the radar LIESLOW
Strong cleanser LYE
Symphony member OBOE
Taking care of a job ONIT
Tax planner's recommendation ROTHIRA
Theater opening SCENEI
They take things down STENOS
Throws in the trash TOSSES
Tiresome, yet venerated, routine? HALLOWEDGRIND
Turned down SAIDNOTO
Unaffected ARTLESS
Users might enter it REHAB
View from Jidda REDSEA
Viking foe LION
What a hook might connect to? RIBCAGE
When fighting ends, in short VDAY
Whether to attend Harvard, Yale or Stanford? COLLEGEBIND
Whip TAN
Workout target ABS
___ acid MALIC
___ out a living EKE
___ premium ATA
___ sales NET
    Line parts: Abbr. SEGS
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