How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 29 1999

'Don Juan' poet BYRON
'Schindler's ___' LIST
'___ ho!' HEAVE
Advice for the impulsive consumer TRYBEFOREYOUBUY
Allege AVER
Anti-D.W.I. group MADD
Approvals YESES
Asterisk STAR
Baby buggy PRAM
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Brooch PIN
Bruins' sch. UCLA
Carpenter's device CLAMP
Catch phrase for the avid mallgoer SHOPTILLYOUDROP
Childbirth LABOR
College in New Rochelle IONA
Completely consumes EATSUP
Concert music blaster AMP
Cyndi Lauper's '___ Just Want to Have Fun' GIRLS
Defendant's excuse ALIBI
Dinghy propellers OARS
During AMID
Educator Horace MANN
Fashion slogan in the business world DRESSFORSUCCESS
Food wrappers and such on the street LITTER
Four-star review RAVE
French kings ROIS
Gen. Bradley OMAR
Handy bills ONES
Helper: Abbr. ASST
History PAST
Honored lady DAME
In ___ (together) SYNC
It's for the birds SUET
Kind of land LALA
Kind of room MENS
Kooky LOCO
Leader after Indian independence NEHRU
Loss's opposite PROFIT
Mushrooms, e.g. FUNGI
No longer on deck? ATBAT
Notwithstanding, informally ALTHO
On a deck, perhaps ASEA
On the qui ___ VIVE
One who gives the silent treatment? MIME
Palestinian chief Yasir ARAFAT
Pianist Myra HESS
Pinker than pink RARER
Popular jeans LEVIS
Portent OMEN
Purple shade MAUVE
Response to a bad call BOO
Rich soil LOAM
Runs (for) VIES
Slump SAG
Snake sound SISS
Son of Seth ENOS
Soothing agent ALOE
St. Kitts and ___ (Caribbean nation) NEVIS
Start to untie LOOSEN
State sch. in Athens OHIOU
Summer quaffs ADES
Surgery sites, for short ORS
Surgical instrument LANCET
The fifth tire SPARE
Toe's opposite HEEL
Togetherness UNITY
Trot or canter GAIT
Vote into office ELECT
Wading bird IBIS
Watch chains FOBS
What's left after deductions NET
Where Picassos hang in N.Y.C. MOMA
Woman who can carry a tune DIVA
Worker welfare org. OSHA
___ Novarro, 1926 Ben Hur RAMON
___ whale SPERM
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