How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 18 2005

'Fables in Slang' author ADE
'Honey in the Horn' jazzman HIRT
'Love ___ Ball' (1963 comedy) ISA
'Picnic' playwright INGE
'The Wild Duck' playwright IBSEN
1, for one FIGURE
2002 title role for Adam Sandler MRDEEDS
Additionally AND
An Indian might get one: Abbr. RBI
Attachment in classical architecture PORTICO
Beethoven's one EINS
Cause of some shaking AGUE
Children's book illustrator Moore CYD
Chronology component ERA
Court call LET
Did like APED
Dot follower ORG
Driving danger ICE
Father of well-known twins ISAAC
Form of 'to be' ARE
German shoe material LEDER
Get the short end of the stick LOSEOUT
Gold-related AURIC
Golfer Pepper DOTTIE
Graphite, e.g. ORE
Hall-of-Fame golfer Tommy ___, called the 'Silver Scot' ARMOUR
He racked up 645 assists ORR
High roller's venture BIGBET
Hugh Downs was his announcer PAAR
Inner city, e.g. URB
Its motto is 'To help them, you have to help yourself first' ALANON
Juvenile dragonflies NAIADS
Kind of lily ARUM
Landlord's record RENTROLL
Like an unlucky thief CAUGHTREDHANDED
Like the thief at 17- and 27-Across UNDERLOCKANDKEY
Like the thief at 17-Across SENTENCEDTOJAIL
Lions play in it: Abbr. NFC
Liquor alternative, in verse CANDY
Longest river of Scotland TAY
Loyal subject LIEGE
Many correspondents, nowadays EMAILERS
Mass producer BACH
Megacorporation GIANT
Name in the original 'Star Trek' JIM
Not enter hurriedly EASEINTO
Occasion to cook in an imu LUAU
One giving the once-over EYER
One of the Ewings on 'Dallas' PAM
Passes jauntily SKIPSBY
Piece activists?: Abbr. NRA
Plum variety GAGE
Purchase quickly SNAPUP
Rejoinder to a doubter ICANSO
Revolts RIOTS
Romantic plotter in 'The Taming of the Shrew' TRANIO
Seeking adventure ERRANT
Service approval AMEN
Short land route between two lakes PORTAGE
Sing a paean to LAUD
Smoke CIG
Some knit goods LISLE
Songlike ARIOSO
Squeals BLABS
Tally: Abbr. PTS
They have plots SCHEMERS
Title subject of a classic 1922 documentary NANOOK
University officer REGENT
When doubled, a literary lecher HUMBERT
Without SANS
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