How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 23 1997

'All ___!' (conductor's cry) ABOARD
'Are we there ___?' YET
'For ___ sake!' PETES
'___ Maria' AVE
'___ Run' (1976 sci-fi film) LOGANS
A Roosevelt TEDDY
Abbr. before an alias AKA
Adolescent TEEN
Afflicted with strabismus CROSSEYED
Architectural frames ARCHWAYS
Banish EXILE
Bill settlers PAYERS
Blue birds JAYS
Bowling alley buttons RESETS
Brusque TERSE
Building block company LEGO
Caustic solutions LYES
Cautious WARY
Chatter PRATE
Chop AXE
Clinton's #2 GORE
Coating metal ZINC
Come down LAND
Crafty SLY
Dancer Astaire ADELE
Deep sleeps COMAS
Do, as hair STYLE
Fasten papers again RESTAPLE
Fragrant oil ATTAR
Garbage barge SCOW
Gentle breezes ZEPHYRS
Get down from a horse ALIGHT
Goofs up ERRS
Grown-ups ADULTS
Gun grp. NRA
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Industrial city of Germany ESSEN
Like Time's border RED
Long-running Broadway show CATS
More pretentious ARTIER
Not a beginner PRO
Nov. follower DEC
Of ships: Abbr. NAUT
Ones with Seoul custody? KOREANS
Open a bit AJAR
Opposite NNE SSW
Orchestra's location PIT
Otherwise ELSE
Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt series MADABOUTYOU
Pirate flags JOLLYROGERS
Place for pickles JAR
Plaything TOY
President Jackson or Johnson ANDREW
Push roughly SHOVE
Quilting event BEE
Rock singer Vicious SID
Second-year student, for short SOPH
Shooting marble STEELIE
Show with Richie and the Fonz HAPPYDAYS
Sigma follower TAU
Steal from ROB
Swimmer's regimen LAPS
The first 'H' of H.H.S. HEALTH
The Great White North CANADA
Thesaurus compiler ROGET
They're exchanged at weddings IDOS
Traffic tangle SNARL
Turkey roaster OVEN
Visited tourist places SIGHTSAW
Wears away ERODES
Where Dutch royals live THEHAGUE
Wise, man HEP
___ time (never) ATNO
___-garde AVANT
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