How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 13 2016

'Gattaca' actress Thurman UMA
'I, Robot' writer Asimov ISAAC
'Sounds about right' IDSAYSO
'Yes sir!,' south of the border SISENOR
'___ and the Swan' (Yeats poem) LEDA
'___ the only one?' AMI
Academic record, in brief GPA
Airport landing area TARMAC
Animal pelts SKINS
Approximately ORSO
As well ALSO
Available for business OPEN
Cautionary words for a buyer ASIS
Coconut's place PALM
Conspiracy member PLOTTER
Devious maneuver PLOY
Easter egg embellisher DYE
Engage in some horseplay ... or a hint to the words spelled out in the circles FOOLAROUND
Ferber who wrote 'Giant' EDNA
Four Corners-area tribesman UTE
Generally ASARULE
Ginger ___ ALE
Grabbed TOOK
Hazy image BLUR
High point of a European ski trip? ALP
Hurries up HASTENS
Iconic U.S. cabinetmaker of the early 1800s DUNCANPHYFE
Instant decaf brand SANKA
Italian luxury carmaker FERRARI
Jefferson Davis's govt CSA
Justice's garment ROBE
Kibbutz locale: Abbr ISR
Klutz's cry OOPS
Larch or birch TREE
Large deer ELK
Large Indonesian island SUMATRA
Leave one's vehicle in a traffic lane, say DOUBLEPARK
Letter in an Anglo-Saxon script RUNE
Like an old wooden bucket of song OAKEN
Loan sharks USURERS
Loser in a momentous 2000 Supreme Court case GORE
Melancholy SAD
One practicing the 'E' of STEM subjects: Abbr ENGR
Otherworldly craft, for short UFO
PC connecting device USB
Physical expression of victory CHESTBUMP
Playful bites NIPS
Plunders LOOTS
President William Howard ___ TAFT
Query ASK
Quick swim DIP
Rapunzel's bounty HAIR
Regard dismissively SNIFFAT
Repair, as a shoe bottom RESOLE
Romantically inclined AMOROUS
Scissors topper, in a game ROCK
She loses paradise in 'Paradise Lost' EVE
Simplicity EASE
Slovakia and Slovenia NATIONS
Some passport stamps VISAS
Song for a diva ARIA
Soused LIT
Spike on a cowboy boot SPUR
Spinal cord cell needed for muscle contraction MOTORNEURON
Spoon or spatula UTENSIL
Sudden ___ (overtime format) DEATH
Suffix with luncheon or kitchen ETTE
Swing wildly, as one's arms FLAIL
The 'A' in N.B.A.: Abbr ASSN
Tobacco that's inhaled SNUFF
Tweak, as text EDIT
Until UPTO
W.W. II German vessel UBOAT
What ran away with the spoon, in 'Hey Diddle Diddle' DISH
Withered SERE
___ Andreas Fault SAN
___ snail's pace ATA
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