How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 16 2014

'... ___-foot pole!' ATEN
'Alice' diner owner MEL
'Alice' waitress FLO
'Exodus' hero and others ARIS
'If the shoe fits, wear it,' e.g ADAGE
'In the Heat of the Night' Oscar winner STEIGER
'___ be in England' OHTO
1936 opponent of Franklin D ALF
1996 Olympics city ATLANTA
39-Down's mate EWE
A dog might catch one SCENT
All ___ sudden OFA
Also-ran of 1992 and 1996 PEROT
Anti-D.U.I. ads, e.g PSAS
Artery implant STENT
Begin to correct, maybe ERASE
Belgian seaport ANTWERP
Big shot NAME
Blueprint details, in brief SPECS
Bootleggers' foes TMEN
Cabinet department until 1947 WAR
Comic with a 'domestic goddess' persona ROSEANNE
Conk out QUIT
Disney collectible CEL
Dream states, for short REMS
Early nuclear org AEC
East of Germany? OST
Flock member RAM
Football's Roethlisberger BEN
Frond bearer FERN
Get the idea SEE
Grazing area LEA
He tapped Ryan in 2012 ROMNEY
Highlights show RECAP
Horatian work ODE
Isolde's beloved TRISTAN
Kind of milk SOY
La Brea gunk TAR
Like the figure formed by the three circled letters at the bottom EQUILATERAL
Like the figure formed by the three circled letters in the upper left SCALENE
Like the figure formed by the three circled letters in the upper right ISOSCELES
Loss of power OUTAGE
Make a comeback RESURGE
Manicurists, at times FILERS
Marks for life SCARS
Ming vases, e.g CERAMICS
N.Y.C.'s Third and Ninth Avenue lines, e.g ELS
Nesting area for wading birds HERONRY
Newcastle's river TYNE
Nurse at a bar SIP
Overlay material ACETATE
Playboy nickname HEF
Praline nut PECAN
Queue after Q RST
Refrain syllables TRALALA
Rules for hunters to follow GAMELAW
Run up ___ ATAB
Season after printemps ETE
Shopaholic's binge SPREE
Skin-and-bones sort SCRAG
Snobbishness ELITISM
Some distracted drivers TEXTERS
Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries' IAN
Something to lean on CRUTCH
Special attention, briefly TLC
Starts malfunctioning ACTSUP
Stephen Colbert's 'I Am ___ (And So Can You!)' AMERICA
Sucker in ENSNARE
The munchies, e.g URGE
The symbol for the Roman god Mars represents it MALESEX
Traffic problem TIEUP
Treading the boards ONSTAGE
Triage spots, for short ERS
Ty Cobb, for most of his career TIGER
Wrapped Tex-Mex fare TAMALES
Zapping, in a way TASING
___ Sea (Asian body) ARAL
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