How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 11 2008

'Mécanique Céleste' astronomer LAPLACE
Abbr. after Sen. Richard Lugar's name RIN
Activity in which stakes may be laid CAMPING
Appropriate SEIZE
Ascii alternative UNICODE
Back ___ FORTY
Barnes & Noble acquired it in 1987 BDALTON
Barrister's deg. LLB
Beep, say PAGE
Big name in Web-based correspondence GMAIL
Charming person? HEXER
Cloudiness BLEAR
Come and go RECUR
Comparable to a pin? ASNEAT
Date preceder CIRCA
Degree divisions MINUTES
Doctor's order BEDREST
Early Japanese P.M. Hirobumi ___ ITO
Extravagant romantic QUIXOTE
Fine trappings REGALIA
Fritz the Cat's creator RCRUMB
Gifford's replacement as Philbin's co-host RIPA
Great Trek figure BOER
Hatch ___ APLOT
Having a knack for ADEPTAT
He said 'I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally' WCFIELDS
Heat meas. KCAL
Heat meas. BTU
Holds out ENDURES
Hollywood icon since 1924 MGMLION
Impress, and then some BEDAZZLE
It can be used to get your balance ATMCARD
It has a sticking point DAGGER
It might include a washboard JUGBAND
It's flaky and nutty BAKLAVA
Kind of leg HIND
Least copious SPAREST
Microwave option AMANA
Minor's opposite ADULT
Modem, e.g. ENCODER
Natives of Umm Qasr IRAQIS
Not likely to be dissuaded from SETON
Old sitcom couple's surname MERTZ
Old televangelism letters PTL
Ones left holding the bag? TEAPOTS
Peaceful place ARCADIA
Play to ___ ATIE
Put down ALIT
Ranked AROW
Reads online EMAGS
Ring after exchanging rings? HORA
Safin who won the 2005 Australian Open MARAT
Singer profiled in 'Sweet Dreams,' 1985 CLINE
So-called 'Texas White House,' once LBJRANCH
Square EVEN
Stay-at-home worker? UMP
Studio site LOT
Stuffed and roasted entree CAPON
Suspect eliminator, often DNATEST
Tiny bit MITE
Tony winner between 'A Chorus Line' and 'Ain't Misbehavin'' ANNIE
Very hot ATABOIL
When German pigs fly? NIE
Whence the song 'The Lady's Got Potential' EVITA
Word on a prescription label EVERY
___ Wheeler, 1964-70 chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff EARLE
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