How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 31 2010

'48___' HRS
'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' family name NOLAN
'Bam!' chef EMERIL
'Catch-22' bomber pilot ORR
'Cheers!' SKOAL
'Come ___?' ('How are you?,' in Italy) STA
'Get ___!' THIS
'Holy cow!' YOWZA
'On This Night of a Thousand Stars' musical EVITA
'The Black Cat' writer POE
'The Bridges of Madison County' setting IOWA
'The Passion of the Christ' language ARAMAIC
'The Seven Joys of Mary,' e.g. NOEL
'Top Gun' planes MIGS
'We ___ please' AIMTO
'Yes, indeed' ITISSO
'Yours' alternative ASEVER
'Yummy! Here comes your tuna sashimi!'? OPENWIDEANDSAYAHI
'___ Means I Love You' (1968 Delfonics hit) LALA
1960s-'80s Red Sox nickname YAZ
1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics host AUSTRIA
1964 Cassius Clay announcement? YOUCANCALLMEALI
7'4' former N.B.A. star Smits RIK
Adams of 'Octopussy' MAUD
Almost closed AJAR
Art exhibition hall SALON
Aspiring atty.'s hurdle LSAT
At attention ERECT
Autobahn auto AUDI
Average karate instructor? COMMONSENSEI
Big Korean exports KIAS
Bit of gossip ONDIT
Blogger's preface IMHO
Boston-to-Washington speedster ACELA
Brings in REAPS
Call, as a game REF
Calls of port? AYS
Capri, e.g. ISOLA
CD predecessors LPS
Certain Caribbean, for short TRINI
Chatty Cathy GASBAG
Chip dip SALSA
Civil rights org. NAACP
Coach Parseghian ARA
Collect slowly GLEAN
Comic Conway TIM
Conditions IFS
Corolla part PETAL
Cranky question on the Himalayan trail? AREWETHEREYETI
Dodging midtown traffic? TAXIEVASION
Don Quixote's squire SANCHO
Donna Summer #1 hit BADGIRLS
Equal: Prefix ISO
Eye ___ TEST
Eye-twisting display OPART
Faction BLOC
Farm layer HEN
Features of Castilian speech LISPS
Film character known for her buns LEIA
Forlorn BEREFT
Former Irish P.M. ___ de Valera EAMON
Get exactly right NAIL
Get up ARISE
Global warming panel concern ICECAP
Got in illicitly HACKED
Graceful women SYLPHS
Had ants in one's pants FIDGETED
Having heat? ARMED
High-scoring baseball game SLUGFEST
Hoff who wrote and illustrated 'Danny and the Dinosaur' SYD
Home of the Palace of Nations GENEVA
Invitation to cocktails with pianist Ramsey? MARTINIANDLEWIS
It may have redeye PIC
It might hold the solution FLASK
It's just below les yeux NEZ
January, in Jalisco ENERO
Jet-setters' jets, once SSTS
Jones who sang 'Sunrise / Looks like morning in your eyes' NORAH
Judge of Israel, in Judges GIDEON
Kind of tour, for short USO
Lancelot portrayer, 1967 NERO
Land that's largely desert: Abbr. ISR
Lightsaber-wielding hillbilly of TV? JEDICLAMPETT
Like medieval Europe FEUDAL
Like the stranger in Camus's 'The Stranger' AMORAL
Lions or Bears NFLTEAM
List heading TODO
Long-distance call letters ATT
Loop loopers ELS
Luca ___, 'The Godfather' character BRASI
Marketing leader? TELE
Military wear KHAKI
Morgue, for one RUE
N.Y.C. bus insignia MTA
Narc's org. DEA
Offering at some bars SUSHI
Ol' Blue Eyes SINATRA
One running a hot business? FENCE
One who may have red eyes DOPER
Out for someone on the inside PAROLE
Overdress, maybe SMOTHER
Part of Lawrence Welk's intro ATWO
Pigtails, e.g. PLAITS
Pizza slice, usually EIGHTH
Place to watch Truffaut, e.g. CINE
Popular laptop THINKPAD
Private eye TEC
Put in ADDED
Ran off SHOOED
Refuges ASYLA
Rotisserie on a Hawaiian porch? LANAITURNER
Seat, slangily USH
Showy streakers METEORS
Sights on sore eyes? STYES
Sleek, for short AERO
Solzhenitsyn topic GULAG
Something under a tired eye, maybe POUCH
Sorcerer behind Amin's rise to power? THEWIZARDOFIDI
Suffix on era names ZOIC
Suffix with electro- LYTE
Suicide squeeze result, for short RBI
Synthetic fiber ARNEL
Taiwanese computer maker ACER
Taylor of apparel ANN
Thai neighbor LAO
The Jackson 5 had five AFROS
Those muchachos ESOS
Too, in Toulon AUSSI
Tract for a tribe, briefly REZ
Try to win WOO
___ 101, world's tallest building, 2004-07 TAIPEI
___ meat DELI
___-Rooter ROTO
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