How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 30 2019

'Aladdin' prince ali
'What have we here?!' oho
*Garnishes for old-fashioneds orangepeels
*See 23-Across splits
*See 30-Across drops
*They get stuffed at Greek restaurants grapeleaves
*With 44-Across, sour candies lemon
*With 50-Across, classic ice cream treats banana
Abbr. sometimes written twice in a row etc
Add, as an extra tagon
Ages and ages eons
Air race marker pylon
Anderson who directed 'Isle of Dogs' wes
Beekeeper's locale apiary
Blackboard chore erasing
Body image, briefly tat
Breast Cancer Awareness mo oct
British bathroom loo
Cargo's place hold
Carves etches
Connections ins
Consider carefully ponder
Dallas hoopster, for short mav
Dispersed spreadout
Emphatic denial ididnot
Emulates Pinocchio tellsalie
Enemies from way back oldfoes
Fit together well mesh
Flat-bottomed boat scow
French possessive mes
Goal for an actor role
Home to many Greeks, informally fratrow
Indie artist DiFranco ani
Judge's seat banc
Keep tabs on tabbies, say catsit
Kendrick Lamar's genre rap
Like quaint schoolhouses oneroom
Louis, par exemple roi
Madres' sisters tias
Maidenform garment bra
Murder : crows :: parliament : ___ owls
N.Y. engineering sch rpi
Naval bigwig: Abbr adm
Not give up on keepat
Not yet bankrupt afloat
Noted 1970s-'80s Gang leader? kool
One crying 'Uncle!,' perhaps niece
One dressed to impress fop
One going head over heels? acrobat
Paris eateries bistros
Partner of odds ends
Puts in order assorts
Raid targets pests
Relatives, casually fam
Revolutions can divide them eras
Roe source shad
Sandal feature tstrap
Score at the start of a set loveall
Scoundrel cad
Seaport near Buenos Aires laplata
Sharpen, as one's skills hone
Soldier's request before entering a firefight coverme
Something divided in W.W. II atom
South American corn cakes arepas
Stand for a speaker dais
Subway unit car
Super conductor? maestro
The original 'The Office,' e.g britcom
They loop the Loop els
Tribal emblems totems
U.F.O. occupants ets
Unproductive ... or, literally, a hint to the answers to this puzzle's starred clues fruitless
Wall off enclose
Wearying routine ratrace
Wedding gown designer Di Santo ines
___ Beanies (bygone toys) teenie
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