How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 21 2011

'That's what I'm talkin' about!' YES
'The Gene Krupa Story' title role player MINEO
'___ Ferienreisen' (Strauss polka) AUF
'___ on the Line' (Thomas the Tank Engine story) ACOW
'___ Should Ever Leave You' (Tom Jones song) IFHE
Ace pitcher's reward? SALE
Acted like a baby, in a way SLOBBERED
Aflac ad figure, facetiously SPOKESDUCK
Assembly places AUDITORIA
Bag in a trunk SACHET
Basis of growth SEED
Bit of a grind CHORE
Bush and Jackson KATES
Bygone N.Y.C. punk club CBGB
Byron poem LARA
Chinchillas and boas, e.g. EXOTICPETS
Chocolate ___ LAB
Clarifying words ASIN
Crayfish claw CHELA
Epoch when bats first appeared EOCENE
Handles SEESTO
High-fat dish with greens COBBSALAD
High-tech transmission EFAX
Homebuyer's 'bargain' FIXERUPPER
Introductory course? SOUP
Iron's preceder on the periodic table MANGANESE
Item used by a 2-Down WAND
Jagged EROSE
Janus-faced DUAL
Jockey wear BRIEFS
Laura Bush biographer Ronald KESSLER
Lib. arts major SOC
Like some poetry ODIC
Literary inits. RLS
Make a spectacle of oneself, say DRAWSTARES
Make last, maybe SAVOR
Many an interrogee LIAR
Motion approval ISECOND
Navy equivalents of S.F.C.'s CPOS
Omegas represent them OHMS
One of Swoosie's co-stars on 'Sisters' SELA
Ones concerned with custody EXES
Palooka OAF
Pamplona pronoun ESAS
Profanable SACRED
Put down a can? SAT
Quiche ingredients OEUFS
Radiate EXUDE
Residencia CASA
Result of a permanent failure? BADHAIRDAY
Secretaries' charges: Abbr. DEPTS
She played Appassionata von Climax in Broadway's 'Li'l Abner' TINALOUISE
Shoulder-to-shoulder AROW
Sit on the bench HEARACASE
Starbucks offering CHAI
Suck in DUPE
Telecom techies EES
They often hang around sports bars TVS
They're hung across roads UIES
Totally not happening DEAD
Trustworthy SAFE
User of a 58-Down PIXIE
Wankel engine part ROTOR
Watch things STEMS
When a quick snap may happen ONONE
Words before expert or fool IMNO
Writer known as Old Possum, and his family ELIOTS
___ Optics (telescope maker) CSTAR
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