How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 16 2005

'Apocalypse Now' setting NAM
'Christmas bombing' target HANOI
'Jingle Bells' sleighing locales FIELDS
'This is so-o-o relaxing!' AAH
'Why should ___ you?' ILET
'___ will not!' NOI
Accomplices COHORTS
Actress Busch MAE
Airline posting FARES
Alley-___ OOP
Andean treasure ORO
Annoy people by blowing a fan on them? GALLWITHTHEWIND
Automaton-themed play of 1921 RUR
Baker's gadget SIFTER
Bananas INSANE
Bathroom on wheels? ROLLINGSTALL
Beer option LITE
Besmear TAR
Biology lab supply AGAR
Book between Amos and Jonah: Abbr. OBAD
Brownish pigments EARTHS
Café alternative THE
Can't help but HASTO
Cantina cooker OLLA
Cave DEN
Caveman's tool SPEAR
Certain X or O TIC
Comedy club responses LAFFS
Credit for driving people home?: Abbr. RBI
Crew equipment OARS
Cutting parts EDGES
Detach, as a lapel mike UNCLIP
Did a third draft of REEDITED
Divider of Paris SEINE
Do a number SING
Doles out differently REALLOTS
Doomsayer's cry WOE
Duisburg's locale RUHR
East Indian heartwood SAPAN
Faithful, to a Scot LEAL
Famous rallying cry … and a hint to eight other answers in this puzzle ALLFORONEANDONEFORALL
Farm call MOO
Fencing piece EPEE
Fixed up REDID
Flashback, e.g. SCENE
Flood survivor NOAH
Get a workout via horseback riding? TONEINTHESADDLE
Hit, in basketball FOULED
Hit-and-run situation? ONEON
Homer Simpson's next-door neighbor NED
Idyllic settings EDENS
In a way SOMEHOW
In base 8 OCTAL
Include ADDIN
Injured MAIMED
Instructors' org. NEA
Irregularly notched EROSE
Irving Bacheller's '___ Holden' EBEN
It keeps the ball rolling INERTIA
It may be in stitches RIP
It's made in Japan YEN
Klutzy dog's habit? DROPPINGTHEBONE
Last name in fashion DIOR
Legend on the ice ORR
Like many shorelines ERODED
Live ARE
Live nomadically ROAM
Make more attractive SWEETEN
Málaga missus SENORA
Map dir. ENE
Matter of debate ISSUE
Melville's '___ Cereno' BENITO
More fit ABLER
Mower maker DEERE
Multitude HORDE
Multitude SLEW
Multitudes ARMIES
N.Y.C.'s first subway line IRT
NASA weather satellite TIROS
Neat, as a beard TRIMMED
Next in line for slavery? HEIRTOTHETHRALL
Nicad's cadmium component ANODE
Nightly monologue deliverer LENO
Not nearly as emotional ICIER
Not unless ONLYIF
O'Neill and others EDS
One holding corn bread? PONEBEARER
Originally NEE
Paid the penalty ATONED
Patrick's 'Ghost' co-star DEMI
Periodic table stat. ATNO
Plan for patients, for short HMO
Play-___ DOH
Polo Grounds standout OTT
Popular fish sandwich TUNASUB
Prince Valiant's wife ALETA
Property lawyer's concern LIEN
Pueblo dweller ZUNI
Put to sleep LULL
Recurring Nintendo character MARIO
Renowned razor sharpener? HONEOFFAME
Round Table knight GARETH
Rude dude CAD
Run in syndication, maybe REAIR
Santa ___ (hot winds) ANAS
Savior HERO
Shady plot ARBOR
Sibling of un frère SOEUR
Sideshow attraction STRONGMAN
Skyway regulation grp. FAA
Slightest trace WHIFF
Snicker syllable HEE
Sphere REALM
Spinnaker site YACHT
Sprinkle STREW
Starship princess LEIA
Suffix with sermon IZE
Suffix with theater GOER
Surface EMERGE
Teatro ___ Scala ALLA
Top mark TEN
Touched down ALIT
Trick-taking game WHIST
Tryster with Tristan ISOLDE
TV palomino MRED
Variation preceder THEME
Veteran, on Veteran's Day HONOREE
Visit to Ben & Jerry's? ICECREAMCALL
Wardrobe ARMOIRE
Weightlifter's unit REP
What surprises can come out of THEBLUE
Where a token may be taken ARCADE
Where to see a mummy: Abbr. MUS
Wildebeest feature MANE
Wrapping weights TARES
___-Pei (dog) SHAR
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