How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 11 2010

'60s-'70s service site NAM
'Dancing Queen' group ABBA
'Didn't I do great?!' TADA
'Don't leave home without it' card AMEX
'The Diary of ___ Frank' ANNE
10th-century Holy Roman emperor OTTOI
1980s hardware that used Microsoft Basic IBMPC
Alaska boondoggle in 2008 campaign news BRIDGETONOWHERE
Beturbaned seer SWAMI
Bygone anesthetic ETHER
Cleared weeds, say HOED
Clouds (up) FOGS
Common cause of food poisoning ECOLI
Cotton unit BALE
Cry on a roller coaster WHEE
Degrees for corp. execs MBAS
Dizzy Gillespie's instrument TRUMPET
Eliot of 'The Untouchables' NESS
Eliot's 'Adam ___' BEDE
Fannie ___ MAE
Genesis garden EDEN
Gets ready to crash BRACESFORIMPACT
Getting on in years ELDERLY
Go back and forth in deciding WAVER
Having ___ of fun ATON
Hit hard BASH
Jack who played Sgt. Friday WEBB
Lose one's temper HAVEAFIT
Melville novel OMOO
MetLife competitor AETNA
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Molecule parts ATOMS
Near-hurricane-force wind GALE
Null and ___ VOID
Observed NOTICED
Old Renault LECAR
One of seven in the Big Dipper STAR
Part of a mushroom STEM
Part of P.O. or P.S. POST
Place to get gas FILLINGSTATION
Plot unit ACRE
Put a spell on HEXED
Qatari ruler EMIR
Quaker pronoun THEE
Reach across SPAN
Relative of an ostrich RHEA
Roman 552 DLII
Sellout sign SRO
Semi-tractor trailer RIG
Snake's sound HISS
Snatch GRAB
Sodium hydroxide, to a chemist NAOH
State north of Ill. WISC
Still sleeping ABED
Stockholm's land: Abbr. SWE
Suffix with major ETTE
Summit APEX
Teen affliction ACNE
Texas A & M player AGGIE
The Wife of ___ (Chaucer character) BATH
Traffic tie-ups JAMS
Trans-Atlantic air traveler's woe JETLAG
Tue. follower WED
Uno + due TRE
Vehicle with a medallion TAXI
Very hot and dry SAHARAN
Western part of the Czech Republic BOHEMIA
Where Obama was born OAHU
Yukon S.U.V. maker GMC
___ Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) NORMA
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