How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 23 2016

'Can't do it' NOSOAP
'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' blonde LORELEI
'Let me repeat ...' ISAID
'The Metamorphosis' protagonist SAMSA
2012 election name MITT
Aids for some urban commuters BUSMAPS
Another nickname for the Ocean State LITTLERHODY
Beijing's river basin HAI
Belly button type INNIE
Big name in luxury bags VUITTON
Black & Decker competitor SKIL
Black flower in a Dumas title TULIP
BlackBerry, e.g., briefly PDA
Bombard PELT
Bone parallel to the radius ULNA
Bunglings FOULUPS
Call on a dairy farm MOO
Carne ___ (Mexican restaurant order) ASADA
Characters on a wanted poster AKA
Come out on top TRIUMPH
Countless centuries EON
Direction opposite nord SUD
Drop heavily PLUNK
Dulles airport designer Saarinen EERO
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Epoch when modern mammals arose EOCENE
Evil 'Get Smart' group KAOS
Fights, as war WAGES
Flow back EBB
Forbid DENY
Former ember ASH
Freeloader SPONGE
Goes in up to one's knees, say WADES
Golfer Palmer, informally ARNIE
H.M.O. doctor designations PCPS
Hide in the shadows SKULK
In ___ paratus (ready for anything) OMNIA
Inquires about ASKSAFTER
It's a small whirl after all EDDY
It's often said with a smile CHEESE
Loved, as archaeological work? DUG
Madrid-to-Lisbon dir WSW
Makeshift ghost costume SHEET
Medium for Michelangelo MARBLE
Military authority: Abbr CMD
Muscles above the abs PECS
Non-pro? ANTI
Nurse settings, briefly ERS
Nutmeg-topped drink NOG
Office PC setup LAN
One for Caesar? UNUM
One of two in a Big Mac PATTY
One terminus of a Japanese bullet train OSAKA
Ones watching their plates? UMPS
Part of DOS: Abbr SYS
Passport certification STAMP
Pink shade CARNATION
Problem with lifting? KLEPTOMANIA
Remove from practice DISBAR
Sam-___ (Seuss character) IAM
See 13-Down CAKES
Simon ___ SAYS
Skiing event with gates SLALOM
Slap handcuffs on NAB
Southwest Indian UTE
Stick : punishment :: ___ : reward CARROT
Suffix with north ERN
Summer on the Seine ETE
Sundial three III
Tiniest leftover CRUMB
Tiny storage unit BYTE
Virgil described its eruption in the 'Aeneid' MTETNA
Volley SALVO
With 51-Down, description of the circled answers? LAYER
Word with cream or cutie PIE
___ land LALA
___-Magnon man CRO
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