How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 14 1999

'(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am' singer NANCYWILSON
'Dynasty' actress EVANS
'Excuse me...' AHEM
'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' singer MARILYNMONROE
'How Sweet It Is' singer JAMESTAYLOR
'L'Arlésienne' composer BIZET
'Steppin' Out' singer JOEJACKSON
'That's not what ___!' IHEAR
'___ Luxemburg' (1986 film biography) ROSA
'___ me down to rest me' (old prayer start) ILAY
50's-90's jazz singer ABBEYLINCOLN
A goner TOAST
Actress Emma SAMMS
All choked up TEARY
Amplified MIKED
Amplified MIKED.
Appliance brand AMANA
Atl. crosser SST
Author whose novels span 6,000 years ANNERICE
Bad looks SNEERS
Bagel purveyors DELIS
Battery type AAA
Becomes a whiter shade of pale FADES
Believer DEIST
Believer DEIST.
Beneficiary DONEE
Big Apple inits. NYC
Bond-issuing org. GNMA
Book of prophecies AMOS
Born NEE
Boston suburb LYNN
But, in Bordeaux MAIS
Carried furniture SEDAN
Cast one's lot (with) ALIGN
Celebrity's opposite NOBODY
Center of Beaujolais country LYONS
Circumstance of living HIGHCOST
Come clean, with 'up' FESS
Continental abbr. AMER
Criticism, so to speak STATIC
Daimler-Chrysler products JEEPS
Dashboard inits. MPH
Denounces DAMNS
Dine at home EATIN
Downhill slope RUN
Elegant one CLASSACT
Epoch from 10 to 2 million years ago PLIOCENE
Extrinsic ALIEN
False, like some talk JIVEY
Fix the walls REPAINT
Followings CULTS
Football Hall-of-Famer Dawson LEN
Foreign currency MARKS
Fr. holy women STES
George and others ELIOTS
German article DER
Good amount of money PILE
Grandparents, traditionally DOTERS
Guarantee ENSURE
Highway department supply SALT
Hollywood sisters GABORS
Holy person AVATAR
Imported vodka ABSOLUT
In accord ATONE
In accord ATONE.
Indian tourist stop AGRA
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Jai ___ ALAI
Key letters ESC
Kind of ball BOCCE
Kind of chair EAMES
Kitty POT
Legal scholar Guinier et al. LANIS
Like a certain key: Abbr. MAJ
Like Chopin's Scherzo (Op. 54) INE
Like many a Western bandit HANGED
Like some beds UNMADE
Lilly, the drug maker ELI
Lose one's nerve BLINK
Loses it RANTS
Lottery ticket CHANCE.
Lottery ticket CHANCE
Man with a law OHM
Menlo Park monogram TAE
Most populated DENSEST
No longer pale TANNED.
No longer pale TANNED
Offenses ODORS
On the line ATRISK
Ones sitting tight? SARDINES
Opposite of remove DON
Pair at sea OARS
Paroxysm ATTACK
Physicist's study ION
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Pop singer known as 'The Delta Lady' RITACOOLIDGE
Popular packs CAMELS
Primary goal VOTES
Puppets, e.g. TOYS
Québec's Lévesque RENE
Reflecting no light EBON
Ship danger MINES
Show of hands? PIPS
Singer with an Oscar-nominated song from 'Robin Hood' BRYANADAMS
Singer with Parliament and Funkadelic GEORGECLINTON
Singer's locale CABARET
Skips bail FLEES
Slowly, to Masur LENTO
Small heaters ETNAS
Some cereal BRAN
Stagewear for Madonna BRA
Start of a caution DONOT
Summaries RECAPS
Tabula ___ RASA
Throw FAZE
Ticket dispensers TROOPERS
Times old and new ERAS
To boot ALSO
Top echelon ELITE
Torrents RAINS
TriBeCa neighbor SOHO
Turkey helping LEG
Uncontrollable motions TICS
Univ. of Md. competes in it ACC
Valuable strings AMATIS
Vichyssoise needs LEEKS
Warnings SIGNS
Where the Blues Brothers debuted: Abbr. SNL
Whodunit solver: Abbr. DET
Year in Louis VII's reign MCL
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