How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 29 2009

'A ___ bagatelle!' MERE
'B,' maybe, in an encyclopedia VOLUMETWO
'Bed-in' participant Yoko ___ ONO
'Dang it!' DRAT
'Gimme a break!' AWMAN
'Humble' dwelling ABODE
'Render ___ Caesar ...' UNTO
'You can't teach ___ dog ...' ANOLD
'___ on parle francais' ICI
'___ out!' (ump's call) YER
*Affordable, as an apartment LOWRENT
*Aldous Huxley novel BRAVENEWWORLD
*Bar patron's request for a refill ANOTHERONE
*Did a dog trick ROLLEDOVER
*One who's often doing favors MISTERNICEGUY
*Tugboat rope TOWLINE
Additional ELSE
Al ___ (pasta order) DENTE
Autumn shade OCHER
Black, to bards EBON
Cornice support ANCON
Creamy cheese BRIE
Door-busting equipment RAMS
Eden exile EVE
Fancy dresser FOP
German indefinite article EINEN
Guthrie who sang about Alice's Restaurant ARLO
Hawkeye State native IOWAN
Hinge holder SCREW
Hipster's jargon JIVE
Homes for 46-Down NESTS
Horse halter REIN
ID with two hyphens SSN
Italian wine region ASTI
Leftmost compartment in a till ONES
Lounge around LOLL
Mangy mutt CUR
Mark down for a sale, say RETAG
Martinez with three Cy Youngs PEDRO
Most dangerous, as winter roads ICIEST
Mythical lecher SATYR
Neighbor of Que. ONT
Nigerian natives IBOS
Nut case LOON
Of service UTILE
Officer-to-be CADET
Outranking ABOVE
Parker products PENS
Part of P.E.I.: Abbr. EDW
PC pop-ups ADS
Photo lab abbr. ENL
Pullers in pairs OXEN
Quick with the zingers WITTY
Rebounds, shooting percentage, etc. STATS
Rotational speed meas. RPS
Salaries, e.g., to a business owner FIXEDCOST
Salt's 'halt!' AVAST
San ___ (Bay Area county) MATEO
School attended by 007 ETON
Shrewd CAGEY
Shrimp-on-the-barbie eater AUSSIE
Singer Corinne Bailey ___ RAE
So-and-so JERK
Songwriter Novello IVOR
Sprinkle holy water on BLESS
Teachers' org. NEA
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf. KSU
Things hidden in the answers to this puzzle's six starred clues BIRDS
Toiling away ATIT
Took charge LED
Tylenol alternative ALEVE
Verdi aria ERITU
White House Web address ending GOV
Yank's foe REB
Zoo noises ROARS
___ Wetsy (old doll) BETSY
___-proof (easy to operate) IDIOT
___-Rooter ROTO
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