How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 21 2018

'As You Like It' forest arden
'CSI' prop bodybag
'Look at me, ___ helpless ...' (opening to 'Misty') imas
'Where ___ fail, music speaks': Hans Christian Andersen words
'Yuck!' gross
1987 children's best seller whereswaldo
Ahead of, poetically ere
Album fill, informally pix
Alpine capital bern
Arugula and escarole greens
Bit of derisive laughter heh
Bridge position helm
Business ___ end
Captain von Trapp's given name georg
Casus ___ (action justifying a war) belli
Comics sound boing
Coverage options, briefly hmos
Declaration from a volunteer imyourman
Denizen of Fangorn Forest ent
Displayed derision sneered
Dressing choice russian
Elite group whoswho
Encouraging start? atta
Entertainment for a long ride, perhaps booksontape
Exclamations of exasperation oys
Expressionist painter James ensor
Film distribution company for 'The Hunger Games' lionsgate
Flock laity
Fountain fare sodas
Greeting in Britain hullo
Hall-of-Fame pitcher who once struck out 10 consecutive batters tomseaver
Harmonize blend
Having zero interest, say bored
Hides in a cabin, perhaps bearskins
Honoree on the third Friday of Sept mia
Johann ___, 16th-century defender of Catholicism eck
Keystone enforcer kop
Labor party member's holding? unioncard
Locale of many a red-eye destination eastcoast
Mails a dupe ccs
Making a mark of a sort notching
Manhattan Project scientist Harold ___ urey
Mo. neighbor neb
Mr. Rochester in 'Jane Eyre,' e.g widower
Not you specifically one
One way to ride bareback
Org. with a serpent in its logo ama
Overcast, in Britain grey
Person depicted on the Alabama state quarter helenkeller
Premonishes warns
Relief succor
Repeated phrase in the chorus of a classic folk ballad ohmydarling
Retreat lair
River near the Pantheon tiber
See 55-Down inone
Sends anew reships
Shore indentations rias
Shot inoculation
Some grad students, for short tas
Squarish boxy
Steve of rock guitar fame vai
Stock goods
Striped sea predators tigersharks
They may be dark or fine arts
They operate around the clock hands
Title girl in a 1965 #1 hit sloopy
Traditionally red structure barn
Use, as a mattress lieon
Warszawa's land polska
When the French Open starts may
Whirlpool site tub
With 2-Down, multipurpose all
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