How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 19 2010

'Ball Four' author BOUTON
'Charlotte's Web' inits. EBW
'Grey's Anatomy' extra NURSE
'Honor is ___ scutcheon': Shak. AMERE
'___ out?' INOR
'___ said ...' ASI
'___ yellow ribbon ...' TIEA
1914 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel set in an underground land ATTHEESCORE
1968 U.S. Open champ ASHE
1974 Japanese Nobelist SATO
A long time past MANYMSAGO
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress Gardner AVA
Aircraft gauges TACHS
Amorous skunk in cartoons PEPE
Aquarium fish TETRA
At night AFTERD
Atlantic City locale, with 'the' TAJ
Author Roald DAHL
Bart Simpson's grandmother MONA
Basic solutions LYES
Battle over domain TURFWAR
Beach seen from Diamond Head WAIKIKI
Beethoven's 'Appassionata,' e.g. SONATA
Big name in athletic footwear AVIA
Big name in athletic footwear ASICS
Bistro offering CARTE
Boarding aids JETWAYS
Book set? LITERATI
Breach GAP
Bygone European capital LIRA
Castaway's locale ISLE
Catalog ASSORT
Classic rebuke ETTU
Clinton or Obama, once: Abbr. SEN
Clone of an optical medium's contents CDAGE
Column in a dating questionnaire LIKES
Comic Philips EMO
Commodore's insignia ONESTAR
Crackerjacks ACES
Dawn SUP
Deep-dish dishes LASAGNES
Delivery people, briefly OBS
Dharma follower HINDU
Director Anderson WES
Driller?: Abbr. SGT
Drinking and gambling VICES
Duff Beer vendor MOE
E.M.T.'s training CPR
E.U. group GSIX
Enthrones CROWNS
Era of ignorance DAGE
Event on Dec. 21, 2010, viewable in North and South America, depicted visually in this puzzle TOTALLUNARECLIPSE
Extended solo SCENA
Father-and-son actors ALDAS
Feature of some pool balls STRIPE
Feeling VIBE
Fender bender, e.g. MISHAP
First female U.S. secretary of state ALB
Flying Cloud, e.g. REO
Football meas. YDS
Football's Sanders DEION
Forest game ELK
Glen Canyon ___ DAM
Glossy black bird DAW
Golden State campus inits. UCSD
Grateful response IOWEYOU
Haggling ATIT
Hang open GAPE
Heads outside together? TOTEM
How some things are made TOORDER
How something may be veiled THINLY
How things may be laid TOREST
How things may be lit or remembered DLY
Indian royal MAHARANI
It marks the target on a curling rink TEELINE
It may be shot during a riot TEARGAS
Italian God DIO
Italian lover's coo TIAMO
Jackie's #1 KENNEDY
Jackie's #2 ONASSIS
Japanese 'thanks' ARIGATO
Jordan's Queen ___ International Airport ALIA
Juan's January ENERO
Key of Bach's 'The Art of Fugue' DMINOR
Kind of couplet for Chaucer HEROIC
Kind of lane HOV
Kisser MUG
Laugh part HAR
Laugh part HEE
Lennon's lady ONO
Like many cakes ICED
Lincoln Center production OPERA
Long-shot candidate DHORSE
Loser to McKinley BRYAN
Many an avid observer of a 125-Across AMATEURASTRONOMER
Mil. address APO
Mine entrance ADIT
Munchkins PEEWEES
Need for KenKen LOGIC
Never: Ger. NIE
Not live ONTAPE
Not yet delivered INUTERO
Novelty glasses XRAYSPEX
Objects of interest in a 125-Across CELESTIALBODIES
Observatory feature DOME
Once, in the past ERST
One getting a lift? SKIER
One of the Brontes ANNE
One of the Islamic virtues LOYALTY
One that overflows TEEMER
One way to stop ONADE
Optimist's focus BSIDE
Out-and-out ARRANT
Paper for which Murray Kempton and Jim Dwyer won Pulitzers NEWSDAY
Pardner, say COWPOKE
Pitcher EWER
Place to put bags TRUNK
Pliny possessive MEA
Pot-au-feu, e.g. MEATSTEW
Powder rooms? ARSENALS
Prepare to fight ENARM
Promising proposal BIDEA
Protective membrane AMNION
Proust's '___ Way' SWANNS
Rama's kingdom SIAM
Reagan and others RONS
Remove drapes from, as a room BEN
Rent-___ ACOP
Sailor who debuted in a 1929 comic POPEYE
Science OLOGY
See 137-Across ASHADOW
Shop dresser ADZE
Six-time All-Star third baseman for the 1970s Dodgers CEY
Slugger Roberto ALOMAR
Slump SAG
Smidgens JOTS
Spaceship attire GSUIT
Steak ___ DIANE
Student's stat. AVG
Subterfuge PLOY
Suffix with vir- ILE
Superhero played by Liam Neeson in a 1990 film DMAN
Tactic used against Britain by Napoleon EMBARGO
Terbium or thulium RAREE
The year 1045 MXLV
There from the start INBUILT
Think probable DARESAY
Tiramisu features LAYERS
To whom Hamlet says 'Get thee to a nunnery' OPHELIA
Towering TALL
Trace of blood? LINEAGE
Track star Owens JESSE
Tundra or wetland BIOME
Turkish pooh-bahs AGAS
Veer back ZAG
Wang of fashion VERA
What the focus of a 125-Across will do at its climax TURNRED
Whence the line 'I fear Greeks even when they bring gifts' AENEID
With 146-Across, what the center of this puzzle is doing during a 125-Across CASTING
Yankee great Joe, colloquially DAG
Youthful prank in a car MING
[Just like that!] SNAP
___ Kippur YOM
___-to HOW
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