How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 16 2012

'Along ___ spider ...' CAMEA
'Antigonae' composer Carl ORFF
'Well done, Sir Lancelot,' in Franglais? CESTGOODKNIGHT
'___ it!' FORGET
'___ Only One' (Melissa Etheridge hit) IMTHE
74-Down recipient, e.g HONOREE
Actor Edward James ___ OLMOS
Affair of the heart AMOUR
Agreement from the Gipper's coach? AYEOFKNUTE
Alaska's ___ Peninsula KENAI
Allay EASE
Alpine wind FOEHN
André and Mia's adoptive daughter SOONYI
Balcony cry OROMEO
Be at one (with) COMMUNE
Big truck maker MACK
Bones next to humeri ULNAS
Book about the writing style of the Mongols? PROSEANDKHANS
Bull session? RODEO
Bygone bookstore chain BORDERS
Castle component TOWER
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr HRE
Chucklehead DIMWIT
Cleared the dishes BUSED
Crowning touch? TIARA
Dangerous outpouring LAVA
Decorative pin BROOCH
Deliberately delude LIETO
Dog command HEEL
Drama set at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency MADMEN
Feminist Germaine GREER
Fergie, for one EXROYAL
First U.S. screen portrayer of Dr. Fu Manchu OLAND
Food that jiggles ASPIC
Force DINT
Former attorney general Gonzales ALBERTO
Former San Francisco mayor ALIOTO
Freckles, e.g DOTS
Freddy Krueger's street ELM
Funny Fields TOTIE
Gone, but not forgotten AWOL
Guitarist Duane and others EDDYS
Handel bars? ARIA
Have ___ (bathe) ASOAK
Home to the 90-Down, once SHEA
Horatian piece EPODE
Horizontal: Abbr ACR
Inclined ASLANT
Inquirers ASKERS
Inspector in Elizabeth George mysteries LYNLEY
Iraq war hazard, briefly IED
It may be rigged MAST
Just begun AFOOT
K.C.-to-Chicago direction ENE
Kind of salad WALDORF
Knock over WOW
Leopard spot ROSETTE
Lightning ___ ROD
Like the ring in an eclipse CORONAL
Link up with TIETO
Literally, 'itself' IPSO
Locale of a 12/7/1941 attack OAHU
London can LOO
Luth. or Presb PROT
Makes, as one's way WENDS
Measure of purity KARAT
Memo opener INRE
Miss America identifier SASH
Nasty look SNEER
Nautical direction ALEE
Neither Dem. nor Rep IND
Obeyed a sentry, say HALTED
One of five Nicholases POPE
Ones with a lot of pull? OXEN
Out at the dentist's? UNDER
Outpourings SPATES
Overly TOO
Pasta suffix INI
Photoshop command CROP
Pleasure boats SLOOPS
Plucky housekeeper? MAIDOFMETTLE
Polar explorer, after getting religion? BYRDOFPRAY
Popular smartphone app GPS
Postscript: Abbr ADDN
Priests, at times BLESSERS
Psychology pioneer Alfred ADLER
Python in 'The Jungle Book' KAA
Qatari bigwig: Var AMEER
Raining hard? HAILING
Sacha Baron Cohen persona ALIG
Salad bar supply OLIVEOIL
Scammed TOOK
See 106-Across NYMETS
Shorten a bar mitzvah by 50%? HALVETHERITE
Small, low island CAY
Some salmon COHOS
Some scriptural passages LESSONS
Soothsayer's shoelace problem? KNOTFORPROPHET
Soundboard controls FADERS
Souvenir from the Petrified Forest? WOODYOUMINED
Stage assistant GRIP
Start of a basketball game TIPOFF
Stately home MANSE
Steve ___, 1980 Olympic track champion OVETT
Stinging rebuke LASH
Tagline for the biopic 'Dudley' starring bandleader Brown? LESISMOORE
Ten Commandments no-no IDOLATRY
Ticked by SOREAT
Tolkien trilogy, to fans LOTR
Totally jazzed AMPEDUP
Tranquilizing SEDATING
Trick-taking card game SKAT
Two-fifths of 'N Sync? ENS
U.K. mil. decoration DSO
Urgently ASAP
Walk-___ (non-recruited athletes) ONS
Was humbled ATEDIRT
What mayo is part of ANO
What one may break during exercise ASWEAT
What randy bucks do? NEEDTHEDOE
Where Macy's keeps the wedding dresses? AISLEOFWHITE
Who wrote 'A bear, however hard he tries, / Grows tubby without exercise' MILNE
Willing recipients? HEIRS
Wimple wearer NUN
Wings: Lat ALAE
Words before coming or made HASIT
Words from Sgt. Friday IMACOP
___ Jima IWO
___ to go RARIN
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