How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 16 2004

'Come ___!' ONIN
100-eyed giant of myth ARGUS
1969 #3 hit … and a hint to this puzzle's theme TIMEOFTHESEASON
Additionally ELSE
Baseball's Mel and others OTTS
Becoming gradually slower, in music RIT
Big pig BOAR
Boxer Riddick BOWE
Cash register part TAPE
Chute opener? PARA
City next to Newark EASTORANGE
Coll. in Troy, N.Y. RPI
Comebacks RETORTS
Comparatively close ASNEAR
Confronts FACES
Cry of surrender IQUIT
Disconcert ABASH
Failed at a shootout MISSED
Faults SINS
First semester offerings FALLCLASSES
Fund-raising letter APPEAL
Garden decorations GNOMES
Gardener's need HOSE
Give a thumbs down PAN
Goes postal SNAPS
Hit the road WENT
Holds up LASTS
Home of Rollins College WINTERPARK
Informal conversation opener LISTEN
It's figured according to the 14-Down FARE
It's loaded AMMO
It's said when lifting the arm CHEERS
Kind of coat BASE
Lead-up to a coup PLOT
Literary inits. TSE
Makes cry, in a way TEARGASSES
Mercutio's friend ROMEO
MGM motto starter ARS
MGM rival, once RKO
Moving ASTIR
Obsolete form of 'to be' ART
Old TV part TRIODE
One who tithes GIVER
Orchestra section REEDS
Org. that conducts many studies EPA
Percolate SEEP
Planelike AERO
Points on a line: Abbr. STAS
Progress little by little CREEP
Quadrennial event SUMMERGAMES
Retro hairdo AFRO
Sacred song MOTET
Sault ___ Marie STE
Shot that's completely off the mark AIRBALL
Smiling AGRIN
Some radio listings: Abbr. AMS
Starts, as an agreement ENTERSINTO
Stopped lying AROSE
Swelling rush SPRINGTIDE
Taxi posting RATES
The Cat in the Hat had one BOWTIE
This, in Toledo ESTA
Tournament favorite SEED
Uncredited authors GHOSTS
Upper hand EDGE
Water colors AQUAS
Water pit SUMP
Way off AFAR
Where the holm oak is native EUROPE
___ water INHOT
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