How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 01 2003

'A View to a ___' (Bond film) KILL
A dog's ___ (long spell) AGE
Actress Verdugo ELENA
Add on, as to a plant GRAFT
Aircraft course marker PYLON
Angry, with 'up' RILED
Any three-letter sequence TRIGRAM
Bathtub feature DRAIN
Beer or ale BREW
Cain's victim ABEL
Cairo's waterway NILE
Chamber group, maybe SEPTET
Chances ODDS
Chastise SCOLD
Chivalrous NOBLE
Company with a once-famous catalog SEARS
Confuse ADDLE
Country music's McEntire REBA
Desert stops OASES
Disparaging remark SLUR
Divorce mecca RENO
Dog ___ (G.I. identifiers) TAGS
Dogie catchers ROPERS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Estate receiver HEIR
Film sensation of 1933 KINGKONG
Fork tine PRONG
Former Italian money LIRA
Frigid ICY
Game with an onomatopoeic name PINGPONG
Gilbert & Sullivan work, with 'The' MIKADO
Grand ___ (island east of Florida) BAHAMA
Grape holders VINES
Hair goops GELS
Help in piracy, e.g. ABET
Heredity carrier GENE
Island near Java BALI
Latin eyes OCULI
Like doggerel, often SINGSONG
Little fjord ARMLET
Make the first moves, in dancing LEAD
Making a hole in one ACING
Mars' counterpart ARES
Martian's craft, for short UFO
Men's jacket size LONG
Metric work units ERGS
Mister in Mexico SENOR
Moved to first class UPGRADED
Mystique AURA
Pencil features ERASERS
Piggy-bank aperture SLOT
Red Sea parter MOSES
Remained in bed LAIN
Ripsnorter LULU
Roofing base TARPAPER
Shortly ANON
Shortwave, e.g. RADIO
Sitcom alien ALF
Skip the usual wedding preparations ELOPE
Slacken ABATE
Speeder's bane RADAR
Stagnant INERT
Stocking material LISLE
Sukiyaki ingredient TOFU
Takes to the station house RUNSIN
Tatum of Tinseltown ONEAL
Travels GOES
Voting district WARD
Watch at a strip club, maybe OGLE
Went off, as a bell RANG
What a comb undoes TANGLE
Where to find a bump, in a phrase ONALOG
Wished undone RUED
Witness-box STAND
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Lackawanna Railroad ERIE
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