How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 21 2006

'Gee willikers!' GOSH
'Get lost, kitty!' SCAT
'Hey … you!' PSST
'That's ___!' (debate retort) ALIE
'This one's ___!' ONME
'Welcome' site MAT
'Well, ___-di-dah!' LAH
'Where there's ___ ...' AWILL
Abbr. on a dumbbell LBS
Actor Beatty NED
British rocker Brian ENO
Cabbagelike vegetable KALE
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Chat room joke response LOL
Column's counterpart ROW
Construction piece IBEAM
Cousin of 'ruff!' ARF
Dairy farm sounds MOOS
Dipping dish FONDUE
Fail to mention OMIT
Fine thread LISLE
For some time AWHILE
From way back when OFYORE
Fuss over oneself PREEN
General at Appomattox LEE
Govt. media watchdog FCC
Green-lights OKS
Grooved on DUG
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
In reference to ASFOR
India's first P.M. NEHRU
Kid's response to 20-, 37- and 55-Across LATER
Like Peary's explorations POLAR
Lilac or violet PURPLE
Lobbying grp. PAC
Long car, for short LIMO
Major leaguer PRO
Makes amends ATONES
Mal de ___ MER
Massachusetts, e.g., before 1776 COLONY
Miner's load ORE
Mishmash OLIO
New Jersey hoopsters NETS
Nope's counterpart YUP
Not live TAPED
Parachute part CORD
Parental demand #1 GETOFFTHEPHONE
Parental demand #2 CLEANUPYOURROOM
Parental demand #3 DOYOURHOMEWORK
Part of a Latin 101 conjugation AMAT
Pharaoh's land EGYPT
Plays down, as an issue SOFTPEDALS
Putin's rejection NYET
Salon job PERM
Scented pouch SACHET
Sequoia, for one TREE
Sets (down) LAYS
Sharif of film OMAR
Sheet of ice FLOE
Shoestring LACE
Skillful ADEPT
Sound after a tear is shed SNIFF
Sport with woods and Woods GOLF
String ties BOLOS
Supply-and-demand subj. ECON
Surgery sites, for short ORS
Surmounting ATOP
Synthetic fiber ORLON
Take a break REST
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Tiny bit IOTA
Unappetizing food GLOP
Woe on an observation deck ACROPHOBIA
Worker with an apron GROCER
[Isn't he dreamy?!] SIGH
[Oh, my heavens!] GASP
___ favor (please, in Spanish) POR
___ Kong HONG
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