How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 08 2010

#2 or #3 LOSER
'Anything you say!' NAMEIT
'Charles in Charge' co-star AAMES
'Coming at you!' CATCH
'Make yourself ___' SCARCE
'Mamma Mia!' song SOS
'The Wreck of the Mary ___' DEARE
'What was ___ think?' ITO
... in 1-Across CRIMEFIGHTERS
... in 13-Down LOSTNETWORK
... in 62-Down RNSPECIALTY
... in 65-Across PROMISSORYNOTE
... in 79-Down WEBGIGGLE
... in 89-Down CASHCACHE
1928 musical composition originally called 'Fandango' BOLERO
60 grains DRAM
Actor Ed and family ASNERS
Apple purchases IMACS
Arrowhead Stadium team CHIEFS
Art installation MOBILE
At the earliest opportunity SOONEST
Aware of ONTO
Band composition ELASTIC
Big letters in fashion YSL
Bottom-fishes TRAWLS
Boycott, e.g. PROTEST
Brachyodont perissodactyls TAPIRS
Brilliant successes COUPS
Bygone shampoo brand TEGRIN
Came out even, in a way MADEPAR
Candy giant, informally NESTLES
Cause of a big bang TNT
CBS show with Laurence Fishburne CSI
Climbers' goals APEXES
Concerning INRE
Cross of 'Desperate Housewives' MARCIA
Cycle attachment? TRI
Demanding overseer RAMROD
Does some freestyling RAPS
Don Ho fan fare? POI
Dow Jones publication BARRONS
Drink from a bowl EGGNOG
Dweller on the Baltic LETT
Dwellers on the Baltic POLES
Fashionably nostalgic RETRO
Feng ___ SHUI
Flatware finisher PLATER
Florida city, for short BOCA
Frankfurt term of address HERR
Furniture mover CASTER
Gluck works OPERAS
God who killed the dragon Python four days after his birth APOLLO
Goes for, as a fly SWATS
Heat source? IRE
Highway hazard FOG
Home to Mount Chimborazo ECUADOR
Hook's right-hand man SMEE
Igneous rock DIORITE
In order (to) SOAS
Inside flight STAIRS
It has a bottom but no top SANDAL
Jason who plays Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter films ISAACS
Jazz great nicknamed Jumbo ALHIRT
Jazz phrase RIFF
Job detail SPEC
Join the crew HIREON
Kind of acid found in spinach FOLIC
Leader succeeded by his brother Raúl FIDEL
Like a successful dieter's clothes ROOMY
Like some proverbial milk SPILT
Lincoln Center institution THEMET
Make a choice OPT
Mane, for a female lion, e.g. LACK
Mathematical ordinal NTH
Melodic speech LILT
Microwave button RESET
New Balance competitor ASICS
New York subway inits. IRT
Not in PASSE
Noted wine region ALSACE
On-base percentage and others STATS
One of the friends on 'Friends' MONICA
One of the Kennedys EUNICE
One-named teen idol of the late '50s/early '60s FABIAN
Orchestra leader Kay KYSER
P.G.A.'s Ernie ELS
Palestinian party FATAH
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
People holding signs at airports MEETERS
Prevent ESTOP
Pronunciation guide std. IPA
Québec's Grosse-___ ILE
Rash remedies TALCS
Relative of -ists EERS
River in 'Kubla Khan' ALPH
River island AIT
River to the Rhône AIN
Row of stables, in Britain MEWS
See circled letters in 96-Down TELEPATHSGIFT
Sets off EMBARKS
Shepherd of 'The View' SHERRI
Silly ones GEESE
Singers do it SEW
Soak back in RESORB
Some carry-on items LAPTOPS
Some Jamaicans, for short RASTAS
Some sporty cars GTS
Spider-Man's aunt MAY
Spree TEAR
Star turns SOLI
Stephen of 'The Musketeer' REA
Swear words in a swearing-in IDO
Take off SOAR
Teen's room, stereotypically MESS
Telecom hookups LANS
Tennis's Nastase ILIE
Theater opening ACTI
They can always be counted on ABACI
Tiring problem for bicyclists? NOAIR
TiVo, for one, in brief DVR
Tot tender SITTER
TV marshal who frequents the Long Branch Saloon DILLON
Two-baggers: Abbr. DBLS
Unadorned BARE
Underworld bosses CAPOS
Very reverent PIOUS
Will of 'The Waltons' GEER
Wise ones SAGES
Word with love or honey CHILD
Works a wedding, maybe CATERS
___ peace INNER
___ place ONES
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