How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 28 1997

'Hi, honey!' follower IMHOME
'i' piece DOT
'The ___ in the Hat' (rhyming Seuss book) CAT
1900, on a cornerstone MCM
Actress Bloom CLAIRE
Actress ___ Scott Thomas KRISTIN
Annual basketball event: Abbr. NIT
Appears SEEMS
Ark builder NOAH
Baseball's Ripken CAL
Basketball's Shaquille ONEAL
Bullfight bull TORO
Burn with hot water SCALD
Christmas carol NOEL
Comedian Mort SAHL
Cookie with a creme center OREO
Cry loudly SOB
Decrees FIATS
Diamond weight CARAT
Distinctive doctrines ISMS
Dress style ALINE
Egyptian symbols of life ANKHS
Exceed in firepower OUTGUN
Fast-growing community BOOMTOWN
Feed bag contents OATS
Flue residue ASH
Forearm bone ULNA
Found's partner LOST
Gets up ARISES
Giraffe's prominent feature NECK
Greek letter ETA
Greek letter SIGMA
Greek letter IOTA
Housebroken animal PET
Indonesian island BALI
Inventor Elias HOWE
Jumper's cord BUNGEE
Kooky NUTS
Kooky LOCO
London airport HEATHROW
Long-billed wading birds IBISES
Lucille Ball, e.g. REDHEAD
Margarine OLEO
Martial arts schools DOJOS
Marx who wrote 'Das Kapital' KARL
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Of the windpipe TRACHEAL
Opposite WSW ENE
Organized absenteeism of police officers BLUEFLU
Picket line crossers SCABS
Police radio alert, briefly APB
Racing vehicle GOKART
Rhyme scheme for Mr. Eban? ABBA
Rhymester Gershwin IRA
Rhyming boxing champ ALI
Sault ___ Marie STE
Set a top in motion again RESPIN
Settled, as on a perch ALIT
Small chicken BANTAM
Small dent on a fender DING
Spirited horses STEEDS
Start (and end) of the Three Musketeers' motto ALL
Stew vegetable GREENBEAN
Suffix meaning 'approximately' ISH
Till bill ONE
Turf SOD
Vegas card game BLACKJACK
Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare play OTELLO
Weapon in a silo, for short ICBM
Where the Eiffel Tower is PARIS
Woody Guthrie's son ARLO
Writer Fleming IAN
Yearned (for) HUNGERED
___ and yon (in many places) HITHER
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
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