How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 22 2019

'Good heavens!' ohmy
'Let' and 'Fault,' from a chair umpire calls
'Not in a million years!' never
'Point taken' isee
'Porgy and ___' bess
'Pretend nothing just happened' actnatural
'Toy Story' studio pixar
'Wow, no wonder you're playing such great tennis!'? whataracket
'You wish!' asif
'___ be over soon' itll
'___ making myself clear?' ami
'___ Miz' les
And others: Abbr etal
Arcade game instruction before playing insertcoin
Assistance aid
Ayatollah's faith islam
Big fair expo
Bird's beak bill
Boggy wasteland moor
Catch a few Z's nap
Circular kind of earring hoop
Complain annoyingly whine
Congeal, as blood clot
Depart leave
Dislike for tennis? contemptofcourt
Egg on urge
Exam for a future atty lsat
ExxonMobil business oil
Famous ___ (cookie brand) amos
First 'T' in TNT tri
Gobbled up ate
Guzzle down chug
Hairy Himalayan humanoid yeti
Hammer's target nail
Home to the world's busiest airport: Abbr atl
In a trite way banally
Italian city you might be 'leaning' toward visiting? pisa
Jargon lingo
Kitchen appliance brand amana
Letter-shaped beam ibar
Like Christmas decorations and some juries hung
Listings on a résumé skills
Little lie fib
Locale for Pyongyang and Seoul korea
Lose every set of a tennis match 6-0? fallinlove
Losing tennis player's prayer? gimmeabreak
Mani-___ (spa offering) pedi
Messy meal for pigs slop
Motorists' org aaa
Ne, on the periodic table neon
Nun's wear habit
Org. for the Suns and the Heat nba
Overdo, as a stage role hamup
Problem with more than one marriage? bigamy
Quaint, as a shoppe olde
Relative of a cello viol
See 19-Across lee
See 26-Down nine
Sharp as a tack keen
Ship of 1492 nina
Smartphone downloads apps
Snide remarks snark
Soda in an old blind taste test pepsi
Some postseason awardees, for short mvps
Something with a 'You are here' arrow map
Speak with a gravelly voice rasp
Sporty Pontiacs introduced in the '60s gtos
Take home from the shelter, say adopt
Tennis with dad? popsingles
Things for cleaning dishes sponges
Tickled-pink feeling glee
Ticklish Muppet elmo
Turn away, as one's gaze avert
Varieties ilks
With 28-Down, part of a golf course back
With 8-Down, dessert brand that 'nobody doesn't like' sara
Wonderland girl alice
___ vera aloe
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