How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 13 2009

'2001' computer HAL
'Spare' part of the body RIB
'The Sweetheart of Sigma ___' CHI
'The ___ Daba Honeymoon' ABA
'When it rains, it pours' salt brand MORTON
'___ your thirst' (former Sprite slogan) OBEY
52-Across, e.g. ISLE
Al Capone, for one RACKETEER
Almost-failing grades DEES
Apartment that's owned, not leased CONDO
Bandleader Eubanks of 'The Tonight Show' KEVIN
Be great at EXCELIN
Best-selling computer game of the 1990s MYST
Body in a whodunit CORPSE
Breadth EXTENT
Bulrush, e.g. SEDGE
Cake maker BAKER
Caribbean vacation spot ARUBA
Christmas carols NOELS
Computer whiz TECHIE
Corridors HALLS
Cry while careering downhill WHEE
Deviations of a ship's course YAWS
Disco lights STROBES
Encountered MET
Fight that might include fisticuffs SETTO
Fort Worth sch. TCU
Fortuneteller SEER
Fraction of a min. SEC
Helicopter blade ROTOR
High-m.p.g. vehicles ECOCARS
Hoity-toity sorts SNOBS
Hootchy-___ KOO
Jobs at Apple STEVE
Joel Chandler ___, creator of Uncle Remus HARRIS
Learned one SCHOLAR
Less forgiving STRICTER
Letters at the end of a proof QED
Little devil IMP
Little fella TYKE
Mentalist Geller URI
Metal that gave its name to a shade of blue COBALT
Mick Jagger or Bruce Springsteen ROCKSTAR
Myanmar, once BURMA
Nick at ___ NITE
Not heeding danger RECKLESS
Order of business at a meeting AGENDA
Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant on 'The Simpsons' MRBURNS
Packs for bikers and hikers RUCKSACKS
Parisian 'yes' OUI
Players in a play CAST
Prayer beads ROSARY
Prettifies oneself, as in a mirror PREENS
Problem with pipes LEAKAGE
Reason for engine trouble, perhaps NOOIL
Running a temperature, say ILL
She says 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks' in 'Hamlet' GERTRUDE
Shout in tag YOUREIT
Smooch KISS
Stop or Do Not Pass SIGN
Studio that made 'Notorious' RKO
Therefore ERGO
Train travel RAIL
Undo, as laces LOOSEN
Unwanted e-mail SPAM
What a bodybuilder builds MUSCLE
What's tapped at a beer bust KEG
Widespread Internet prank involving a bait-and-switch link to a music video RICKROLLING
Writer Harte BRET
Young pigeon SQUAB
___ and eggs HAM
___ Antonio, Tex. SAN
___ Sawyer TOM
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