How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 07 2019

'-y' pluralizer ies
'Don't know yet,' on a schedule tba
'It ___ hit me yet' hasnt
'Morning Joe' airer msnbc
'Not exactly, but close ...' inaway
'Three Stooges' insult imbecile
'Unto us ___ is given' ason
'Wheel of Fortune' sextet rstlne
'Yeah, why not' okaysure
'___ Trois Mousquetaires' les
'___, Imperator!' ave
1973 Beach Boys song sailonsailor
1978 Dire Straits hit sultansofswing
Appealed to a higher authority? prayed
Ballet step pas
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Roush edd
Be prone lie
Bearded beast gnu
Big do fro
Big name in laptops acer
Bit of shaming tsk
Blood-typing letters abo
Bro pal
Cab alternative uber
Caribbean game fish snook
Cars that disappeared during the Depression reos
Caruso and Pavarotti tenors
Cave dweller bat
Changes back to 0000 resets
Checkout devices scanners
Circular components? ads
Common Market org eec
Course of action avenue
Course registrant enrollee
Critical message that's a hint to the six longest entries in this puzzle sos
Cyrus who sang the 2013 #1 hit 'Wrecking Ball' miley
Dandies fops
Danson's 'Cheers' role malone
Didn't delay acted
Doesn't just want needs
Download for a tablet ebook
Draft write
Dress seller modiste
E neighbor dsharp
End of some hybrid dog breed names poo
Ernie ___, Pulitzer-winning journalist of W.W. II pyle
Eschewed home cooking ateout
Exciting, in modern lingo lit
Filmmaker Coen ethan
Fool ass
Geologic period eon
Get upset over cryabout
Headed up led
Home of the Burj Khalifa: Abbr uae
Hosts, in brief mcs
Hounds pesters
House of cards? casino
Inexperienced new
Involuntary actions spasms
Irk bug
It makes for a boring job awl
It might end up in a sack passrush
Italian cheese parmesan
Jason with the 2008 hit 'I'm Yours' mraz
Keebler cracker brand zesta
L.B.J. follower rmn
Leafy salad ingredient radicchio
Like a string bean lanky
Lincoln-to-Madison dir ene
Lump in the throat tonsil
Make official ordain
Member of TV's Addams Family itt
Mystery and romance, for two genres
N.C. military installation ftbragg
N.Y.C. dance company abt
Nada zippo
Neighbor of Okla tex
Nicholas II was the last one tsar
Not a science, but ___ anart
Not exactly hit the ground running startoutslowly
Obstacle for a fish dam
Once did usedto
Out at a library, say onloan
Peel place spa
PlayStation company sony
Please too much cloy
Poet Lowell amy
Prefix with industry agro
Prized pitcher ace
Pupil's location class
Radiated shone
Raja ___, Indian author of 'The Serpent and the Rope' rao
Rear parent
Regarding asto
Religious time in spring easterweek
River in a 1914 battle yser
Robots automata
Rock, maybe puttosleep
Roll out, as a flag unfurl
Rumor starter ihear
Sal of 'Rebel Without a Cause' mineo
See 94-Across sock
Seriously annoy try
Showed 'em what we've got struttedourstuff
Skilled judoist dan
Skim nonfat
Slippery vendor snakeoilsalesman
Some cameo stones onyxes
Something frequently found in pink lipstick shorti
Something scientists make light of? photon
Stabilizes with a heavy load ballasts
Starting point in logic proposition
State of abandonment disuse
States, informally sez
Sting operator conman
Store window sign open
Stretched tight tautened
Stuff in a muffin, say? eat
Sunrise direction, in Stuttgart ost
Sweet summer treat snocone
Swimmers' assignments lanes
Swollen engorged
Take root catchon
The Lion leo
The Ram aries
The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A kansasstate
They go with potatoes in soup leeks
They have lots for sale auctions
Tidbits for aardvarks ants
Timecard abbr hrs
Tired tale sameoldstory
Tour grp lpga
Traffic troubles snarls
Vitamin stat rda
W.W. II arena: Abbr eto
What shocked people stand in awe
Where the phrase 'To thine own self be true' comes from hamlet
With 95-Across, what often seems to disappear in a dryer one
Word said in passing? aye
Word with bay or family tree
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