How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 06 1997

'A Hard Road to Glory' athlete-author ASHE
'Fables in Slang' author ADE
'Hardy Boys' character CHET
'I knew it!' AHA
'In other words...' IMEAN
'Keystone Kops' producer SENNETT
'No food or drink' site, perhaps POOLAREA
'___ dear...' BEA
'___ no idea!' IHAD
.001 inch MIL
1961 Bobby Vee hit RUNTOHIM
A lot of time EONS
Acting baseball commissioner Bud SELIG
Actor Vincent of 'Alive' SPANO
Actress Peeples et al. NIAS
Agent 99 portrayer FELDON
Alley sounds MEOWS
Alphabetic sequence CDE
American record-holder Steve Scott, e.g. MILER
Anatomical passage ITER
Ancient Greek coin STATER
Arrives, officially CHECKSIN
Atheist's E-mail, maybe? UNHOLYMESSAGE
Austrian composer Berg ALBAN
Baker OVEN
Baltimore suburb ___ Burnie GLEN
Bar selection LAGER
Be a pain IRK
Become, with 'to' AMOUNT
Beethoven's '___ Solemnis' MISSA
Biblical heirs, with 'the' MEEK
Blue of baseball VIDA
Boost, with 'up' LEG
Brat's look SMIRK
Brothers' titles FRAS
Bulbous flower, for short GLAD
Causes of some scratches FLEAS
Cleared out, in a way DECAMPED
Colgate rival CREST
Come before ANTEDATE
Computer magazine BYTE
Convened anew REMET
Court figure: Abbr. ATT
Cox of 'St. Elsewhere' RONNY
D'Oyly Carte production OPERETTA
Decisive spa service? CRITICALMASSAGE
Diamond status ONEOUT
Don's world ACADEMIA
Early 20th-century French art style FAUVISM
Exchange figures HIGHS.
Experimental rock pioneer ONO.
Extols LAUDS
Figure at a roast EMCEE
Former Met conductor Bruno WALTER
Get some coffee, perhaps TAKEFIVE
Glacial ice formation SERAC
Grating RASPY
Groundhog, notably DIGGER
Hail ___ ACAB
Humble LOWLY
Identifying equipment LABELERS
Inst. ACAD
It may involve finger-pointing CHARADE
Jack London's 'Martin ___' EDEN
Jazz style SCAT
Jettison SLOUGH
Jobs, figuratively HATS
Kind of testimony ORAL
Least equivocal SUREST
Loquacious TALKY
Lt. hopeful SGT
Made a lot of noise CLAMORED
Maintained HELD
Managers, sometimes AXERS
Marcel Duchamp subject NUDE
Margin RIM
Matter COUNT
Mother ___ LODE
Muslim's House of God KABA
Naldi of the 'Ziegfeld Follies' NITA
Name of 11 ancient Egyptian rulers RAMESES
No longer dirt PAVED
Norwegian coin ORE
One doing a balancing job CPA
Part of a workout REP
Philippine island NEGROS
Plans, as a course CHARTS
Polite refusal NOSIR
Prefix with fuel SYN
Prehistoric medical supply? ROCKBANDAGE
Punkie GNAT
Puts in ENTERS
Quattros and others AUDIS
Questionable ancestry? FOULLINEAGE
Reach capacity, slangily, with 'out' MAX
Real estate ad abbr. BDRM
Reckless arrival? ENTRANCERAMPAGE
Revival gear TENTS
River at Avignon RHONE
Romantic bit of film making? TENDERFOOTAGE
Rumple MUSS
Rural sight LEA
Sailing pronoun HER
Saturn, for one CAR
Schoolbag item RULER
She played Thelma in 'Thelma & Louise' GEENA
Sky-___ (TV news aid) CAM
Slacken EASE
Smalltown, U.S.A., family, in the comics KENTS
Some apartments COOPS
Spica's constellation VIRGO
Stimulate WHET
Storyteller LIAR
Temporary talent scarcity? ACTINGOUTAGE
Their motto is 'North to the future' ALASKANS
They exist from hand-to-mouth REINS
Transfix IMPALE
Trick CON
Tropical cuckoo ANI
University V.I.P. DEAN
Vacuum malfunction result? HOOVERDAMAGE
Warren Moon, once OILER
Was shown AIRED
Where the Bio-Bio flows CHILE
Word before Rodham, perhaps NEE
Words of understanding OHS
Writer Wolitzer MEG
Zero hour for Will Kane, in a film NOON
___ Arenas, port in 93-Down PUNTA
___ rigueur (literally) ALA
___-Cat SNO
___-Magnon CRO
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