How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 05 2010

'Believe It or ___!' NOT
'I love,' in Latin AMO
'No use arguing with me' IINSIST
'The Book of ___' (2010 film) ELI
1950s Ford flop EDSEL
Algerian port ORAN
As a result ERGO
Asia's shrunken ___ Sea ARAL
Boast of some shampoos LOWPH
Bone that's part of a 'cage' RIB
Campus/off-campus community, collectively TOWNANDGOWN
Charged particle ION
Chicago alternative to O'Hare MIDWAY
Chinese side dish FRIEDRICE
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Confederate flag STARSANDBARS
Corp.'s head money person CFO
Daisy ___ of 'Li'l Abner' MAE
Damage from ordinary use WEARANDTEAR
Declaration that may be followed by 'So sue me' ILIED
Dem.'s foe REP
Disney's ___ Duck DONALD
Environmentalist's prefix ECO
Extreme pessimism GLOOMANDDOOM
Face-offs with guns or swords DUELS
Fall behind financially OWE
Figure skating figures LOOPS
Flight board abbr. ARR
Goatee, for one BEARD
Going for broke, as a poker player ALLIN
Grueling grilling ORAL
Hat for a military specialist BERET
Heavenly bodies ORBS
Ike's monogram DDE
iPhone downloads APPS
It's north of Okla. KAN
Job for a roadside assistance worker TOWIN
John Lennon's lady YOKOONO
Lessen ABATE
Lincoln, the Rail-Splitter ABE
Listen ___ (hear via eavesdropping) INON
Majority Muslim in Iran SHIITE
Med. group HMO
Melancholy instrument OBOE
Muscat's land OMAN
Nag to death BADGER
No longer vivid FADED
Old-time actress Talbot or Naldi NITA
Oompah band instrument TUBA
Parking space SPOT
Part of an airplane seat assignment ROW
PBS funder NEA
Penpoint NIB
Perform on 'American Idol,' e.g. SING
Peru's peaks ANDES
Place for ChapStick LIP
Place to 'rack 'em up' POOLTABLE
Protected, as the feet SHOED
Resort near Snowbird ALTA
River mouth feature DELTA
Roasting rods SPITS
Sarge's superior LOOIE
Seller of coupes and sedans CARDEALER
Senile sort DOTARD
Sent out, as rays EMITTED
Suffix with origin ATOR
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Teeny, informally ITSY
Triangular road sign YIELD
Unable to dig oneself out INTOODEEP
Where a wedding march ends ALTAR
Without a cloud in the sky FAIR
___ bene NOTA
___ de France ILE
___ the Great of children's literature NATE
___-Detoo of 'Star Wars' ARTOO
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