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Ink Well xwords Oct 26 2007

'A one and ___...' ATWO
'Battleship Potemkin' city ODESSA
'Don't Watch TV Tonight...Play It!' company ATARI
'Golly!' GEE
'I Was ___ War Bride' AMALE
'Or ___ thought...' SOI
'That is to say' IMEAN
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
A bag of pot, maybe EVIDENCE
Andy Samberg's employer, briefly SNL
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Bad Religion or Linkin Park SESTET
Beck declaration IMALOSER
Besequined, maybe GLITZY
Black Flag alternative RAID
Black gold TEXASTEA
Brewer's kiln OAST
Broad bleachers? WIDESTANDS
Calls to everyone on the beat?: Abbr. APBS
Celebratory candle holder CAKE
Conger catcher EELER
Continental bills EUROS
Don Herbert's alias MRWIZARD
Entertainer 'the Entertainer' CEDRIC
Equal PEER
Field of vision? OPTICS
First word of ''The Aeneid'' ARMA
Formerly, once upon a time ERST
French wheel BRIE
French wine valley LOIRE
Invasive computer programs ADWARE
Ladies of Sp. SRAS
Leachman of 'Young Frankenstein' and 'Beerfest' CLORIS
Lonely Planet competitor LETSGO
Mighty sight in the yard OAK
Most raunchy GROSSEST
Mullah Mohammed ___ OMAR
Nicholas and Alexander TSARS
Nihilistic, perhaps AMORAL
Not sure which way to go? TORN
NSA invasions WIRETAPS
Once-prominent Arby's competitor RAX
Online meeting spot that may be viewed in English or Hebrew JDATE
Oyster prize PEARL
Pain relievers ANODYNES
Praying gesture in some art ORANT
Proper name in Masses JESU
Psyched and more ELATED
Put out of one's mind IGNORE
Puts between 1 and 10, say RATES
Qatari capital DOHA
Religious offshoot SECT
Science center theater IMAX
Separate REND
Separate APART
Shrinking hormone sources? WITHERINGGLANDS
Site of a 2006 West Virginia mining tragedy SAGO
Small town? LILLIPUT
Snacks that come in Nacho Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza Cracker varieties COMBOS
Spread out VAST
Strong Broncos? BRUTEFORDS
Substitute ROTATEIN
Suffix with Euclid or Jacob EAN
Swarms on MOBS
Sweet dessert go-with PORT
Tender that may be spent on chaat or pani puri RUPEE
Theatrical genre with heavy makeup KABUKI
Throw underhand TOSS
Unleashes (on) SICS
Vulgarizing type PROFANER
Went under the tag, say SLIDIN
___ in Charlie CAS
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