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Ink Well xwords Nov 21 2008

'Global ___' (aspiration for Lebron James) ICON
'Rent' epidemic AIDS
'Steppenwolf' author Hermann HESSE
'Yeah-huh!' ARESO
'___ Miserables' LES
2007 film about teen pregnancy JUNO
Actresses Shire and Balsam TALIAS
All-purpose comeback YOMAMA
Annual desert festival whose name describes its closing ceremony BURNINGMAN
Appear excited GLOW
Barrett who played on the first two Pink Floyd albums SYD
Ben & Jerry's rival EDYS
Bladed thing FAN
Breakfast unit OAT
Burst of wind GUST
Calendar starter? ONEAD
Campus gp. opposed to practices that might result in a 45-Down SADD
Colorful flower genus XYRIS
Common t-shirt visage CHE
Condition evoked in many a sexist remark PMS
Controversial host Don IMUS
Couric's network CBS
Detroit rapper who hosted 'Pimp My Ride' XZIBIT
Dictator played by Forrest IDI
Dull, plodding sound CLONK
End in ___ (go to overtime, maybe) ATIE
Enjoy, as rewards REAP
Formerly acted as WAS
Gay rock god who sang 'Breaking the Law' ROBHALFORD
Genre for 17-Across METAL
Girl in a Beatles song RITA
Golf Hall of Famer Pak SERI
Gouda relative EDAM
Half dos UNO
In the wings ASIDE
Influential songwriter Curtis IAN
JFK landing alternative LGA
John, Douglas, or Sam ADAMS
Known truth FACT
Let flow UNDAM
Like a tuned piano string TAUT
Like some 'South Park' episodes TVMA
Like some hotels, for short SRO
Make faces in a photo booth, e.g. MUGFORTHECAMERA
Mane attractions at the zoo LIONS
Mil. authority CMD
Mos Def collaborator Kweli TALIB
Most t3xted pal, maybe BFF
Moves in closer, as for a shot ZOOMS
Night prior EVE
Northern shorebird AUK
Not worth as much, probably USED
Noted discoverer of the African continent? PALIN
One-pointers: Abbr. FTS
People at the head of the class, perhaps GIFTEDKIDS
Prospecting find ORE
Q ___ queen ASIN
R. Kelly's '___ Flirt' IMA
Saturate (with) IMBUE
Scroogian sounds BAHS
See 62-Across DUI
Sexual partner, as it were LAY
Shiitake alternative ENOKI
Smoke pot in a tight space, slangily HOTBOX
Stuns, as a perp TASES
Succeed through an ad campaign, perhaps BOOSTSALES
Take forever to choose one's value meal, say HOLDUPALINE
Teller? SNITCH
Tennessee whiskey produced in a dry county JACKDANIELS
The Tide of college football BAMA
Three-handed card game SKAT
Tropical tuber TARO
Vacation involving shuffleboard CRUISE
Vane dir. SSE
What Lysistrata promised, as long as the war continued NOSEX
Word repeated twice before 'Look who's forty!' LORDY
You may get one from a bottle or a booth TAN
Young band from Australia? ACDC
___ bag DIME
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