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Ink Well xwords Nov 19 2010

'I, like, can't believe it' OMG
'Landline' or 'raw milk,' e.g. RETRONYM
'Only You' band, in the U.S. YAZ
'Says who?' ISTHATSO
'The Art of Love' poet OVID
'The broth is finished!'? SHOUTOFSTOCK
'To life!,' to Jews LCHAIM
'You break it by saying its name,' e.g. RIDDLE
'___ fair in love and war' ALLS
41-Down's stock-in-trade, often GLOOM
Analyze, as a sentence PARSE
Annual occasion created by Eve Ensler VDAY
Anticipated getting shot? POSED
Article with mall tips? SHOPEDPIECE
Biker's head cover DORAG
Blew hot air BSED
Blockbuster MEGAHIT
Cardiac surgeon who is a best-selling author DROZ
College party gathering places KEGS
Come after ENSUE
Crowd sound DIN
Defunct electronics brand AIWA
Does jack LOAFS
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Earthy shade OCHRE
Ed Helms character in 'The Hangover' STU
Facebook time-waster QUIZ
Google Maps dir. SSE
H-bomb trial, e.g. NTEST
He played Sal Frangione in 'Do the Right Thing' AIELLO
In ___ (how location-specific art is viewed) SITU
It may be heaped on someone SCORN
Italian farewell CIAO
Knight associated with some 2Pac rumors SUGE
Leaping cat PUMA
Like a ___ bricks TONOF
Like many blues songs INE
Like some synthesizers ANALOG
Loughlin who played Jesse's wife on 'Full House' LORI
Lumberjacks, casually LOGMEN
Make a boner ERR
Marketing sector dedicated to women? SHECOMMERCE
Miss Piggy, to Miss Piggy MOI
Nation that finished fourth in the 2010 World Cup: Abbr. URU
Olympic shooting event SKEET
One of the writers of 'Boom Boom Pow' FERGIE
Opening routine, when the game is on ice FACEOFF
Part of a Hawaiian chain OAHU
Peachy AOK
Place for a spacer LOBE
Polish Nobelist Walesa LECH
Prep, as 32-Down TAP
Pronto PDQ
Remini and Rabin LEAHS
Revivalists NEOS
Richards with a short-lived reality series DENISE
Rodney King scandal force LAPD
Scores ALOT
Shock partner AWE
Shoes worn by Scottie Pippen AVIAS
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sony laptop brand VAIO
Soul singers often rocked it FRO
Soviet agcy. in 007 movies SMERSH
Specialist who might treat otitis interna ENT
Spoon-bending Geller URI
Start of a magic phrase HOCUS
Subjects of some health class diagrams UTERI
Succumb to DIEOF
Taiwanese computer giant ACER
Unrestrained musical genre EMO
Updates a blog POSTS
Using the wrong aperture? SHUTTERFOLLY
Va-va-vooms OOMPHS
Weasel out RENEGE
Zodiac animal associated with 2010 TIGER
___'s Razor (philosophical law of simplicity) OCCAM
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