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Ink Well xwords Jan 17 2014

'80s skate flick adjective GNARLY
'Great Expectations' narrator PIP
'I am so over this ...' UGH
'OK, yeah, that's funny' IGETIT
'Party Hard' rocker ANDREWWK
'Sophie's Choice' novelist William STYRON
'Twilight' guy EDWARD
'___ will NOT be quiet' NOI
1986 David Cronenberg adaptation THEFLY
Afflicted with dry skin ASHY
Afore ERE
Art hanger, at times NAILER
Bad kind of butterflies ANXIETY
Be outstanding? OWE
Business card detail EMAIL
Caesar's 'And you?' ETTU
Care for TENDTO
Certain petroleum product GASOIL
Check on trade EMBARGO
Chinese liquor made from sorghum MAOTAI
Church's offering GREASYCHICKEN
Circular course GYRE
Composer of 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' JSBACH
Court order WRIT
Detergent featuring 3x stain-fighting power ERA
Did 69 in a parking lot, say SPED
Fridge decoration MAGNET
Fudge-topped treat SUNDAE
Gives a red card, e.g EJECTS
Hgt. and wgt. calculation BMI
HVAC system device HEATPUMP
In disagreement ATODDS
Indoor gridiron org AFL
Initials in meaningless sex DTF
Like a poor judge of character? DYSLEXIC
Linguist/leftist Chomsky NOAM
Long, wet, and snakelike EELY
Loose-fitting gown with a floral print, perhaps GRANNYDRESS
Marriage announcement page word NEE
Melanite or andradite GARNET
Metallica's 'Nothing ___ Matters' ELSE
Monthly release [the American Values Club xword is at avxwords.com - subscribe now] EGG
One or two INTEGER
Owner's command SIT
Palindromic airline to Stockholm SAS
Piddling MERE
President who died two months after RMN was inaugurated DDE
Russian street snack BLIN
Salaryman, pejoratively SUIT
Sanjay Gupta's channel CNN
Script line SERIF
Season-ending knee tear site, often ACL
Shake JAR
She who shall remain nameless JANEDOE
She who shall remain nameless HER
Sleeping sickness bug TSETSE
Some male dolls KENS
Station STOP
Suspends HALTS
Thai temple WAT
The ___ Report STARR
Toy made out of clay, in a song DREIDEL
Triage areas, briefly ERS
Twelve-step program for friends and relatives ALANON
Villain's quarters LAIR
With inches to spare? WELLENDOWED
Withdrawal toll ATMFEE
___ Jam (label with which Justin Bieber is feuding) DEF
___ Paulo SAO
___-Lo Green CEE
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