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Ink Well xwords Feb 23 2007

'Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?' e.g. KOAN
'Watch me...' LIKESO
30-ton military brain ENIAC
A Tribe Called Quest rapper QTIP
Angle that just isn't right OBLIQUE
Baseball execs GMS
Canine coat? ENAMEL
CIA spoof of 1974 SPYS
Cigarette levy miscalculation? SINTAXERROR
Citrus farmer's bane? LIMEDISEASE
Committee on El barriers? STILECOUNCIL
Commoner PLEB
Con's crib CELL
Crook's mark, maybe SCAR
Dad's rival AANDW
Dull DIM
Earthenware dish TERRINE
English name meaning 'power of the wolf' ULRIC
Every man for himself DOGEATDOG
Expired with a brown mop? DIEDBRUNETTE
Fairy (Var.) PIXY
Falafel holders PITAS
Felt badly for PITIED
Flower with such varieties as Tipsy Imperial Concubine and Happy Butt ROSE
Glass on the air IRA
Got on the bad side of CROSSED
Have a tab OWE
Hay units BALES
High school categorization FREAK
Hot time in Chile ENERO
Impart TEACH
Indigo source ANIL
Jai ___ ALAI
Jazz or Blues, e.g. TEAM
Lesbian comic DeLaria LEA
Like MP3s, vis-a-vis CDs NEWER
Majors in film LEE
Make hand over foot RAKEIN
Merle Haggard's 'Misery and ___' GIN
Michigan, in Chicago: Abbr. AVE
More slick ICIER
Neil Young classic from 'Harvest' OLDMAN
Newman, to Seinfeld FOE
No shortage ALOT
One in front LEADER
One of the M's in MMR MEASLES
One, in Weimar EINE
Orch. section STR
Out of it due to age SENILE
Owner of Abbey Road Studios EMI
Pathetic SAD
Peek-___ ABOO
Quite a stretch EON
Really, really OHSO
S&L guarantor FDIC
Sea eagles ERNS
Sicilian mount ETNA
Simpson's episode '___ First Word' (featuring Liz Taylor as the voice of Maggie) LISAS
Sir or madam TITLE
Site seer? SURFER
Slur over ELIDE
Sports HASON
Stir (up) RILE
Target of some disses YOMAMA
Tha Funkee Homosapien of hip-hop DEL
Venae cavae outlets ATRIA
Victor's cry IWIN
Ward hook-up IVTUBE
Ward off FORFEND
Wonder cabinet item ODDITY
Your parents might have dropped it LSD
___ culpa MEA
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