How many letters in the Answer?

Ink Well xwords Dec 02 2005

' . . . ___ short pier!' OFFA
'Got it!' ISEE
'Jeopardy!' ans. QUES
'Who's your daddy?' resolution DNATEST
1814-15 exile isle ELBA
2005 Sittenfeld novel PREP
Bands on the radio? FMS
Biblical twin ESAU
Branch SECT
Bravo or Grande RIO
Brontë governess EYRE
Carrier to kibbutzim ELAL
Castle Grayskull hero HEMAN
Central idea CRUX
Clothes line HEM
Covers some ground SODS
Dalloway, e.g. MRS
Definitive def. source OED
Diciembre follower ENERO
Doc's bloc AMA
Eat-eaten link ORBE
Ethereal: Prefix AERI
Fabled runner-up HARE
Friendster status option SINGLE
Gorky Park refusal NYET
Hammer out FORGE
Hidden agent PLANT
High-speed inits. DSL
Hits Plaxico Burress, say PASSES
Imminently SOON
In case LEST
Introduction to culture, on the farm? AGRI
It may need bringing up REAR
It's often pitched from a deck JOKER
J.P. Morgan co. based in Pittsburgh USSTEEL
Lessen EASE
Letters before 'Freddie Knuckles' and the like AKA
Like public bathrooms in New York City RARE
Maligned contraction AINT
Man-to-man defense alternative ZONE
Marked, as a ballot XDIN
Moines or Plaines preceder DES
More competent ABLER
Mozart rival SALIERI
Neon Disney flick TRON
Nights before EVES
One in the red OWER
Openly gay Christian DIOR
Peat source BOG
Penitent period LENT
Place with bars (but no alcohol) in New York City THEBRONXZOO
Poetic nightfall EEN
Proper name in Masses JESU
Repair a pump, say RESOLE
Sea salt? TAR
Seeking OUTFOR
Sheets, etc. LINEN
Short-lived Bush nominee MIERS
Slips up ERRS
Star-filled night in late winter OSCAR
Summer abroad ETE
That woman HER
Theme of this puzzle TETRIS
Tire type RADIAL
Volcano flower LAVA
With 10-Down, a description of 28-Down ARCADEGAME
With 59-Across, the brilliantly simple basis of 28-Down FOURSQUARES
Words before retiring, perhaps ITSLATE
You-here link ARE
___ account ONNO
___ Men ('Who Let the Dogs Out' band) BAHA
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