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Ink Well xwords Apr 22 2011

'Alejandro' singer, casually GAGA
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker YENTE
'Lord, is ___?' (Matthew 26:22) ITI
'OK, you caught me' IADMITIT
'Shaq Diesel' rapper ONEAL
'The Godfather' actor James CAAN
'___ Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' IMA
'___ of the D'Urbervilles' TESS
1975 AC/DC album TNT
A6 auto maker AUDI
Actor Vigoda who is dead ABE
Ambulance signal SIREN
Asia's ___ Sea ARAL
Baby elephant CALF
Bikini Atoll event, briefly HTEST
British watering holes PUBS
Cage match surface MAT
Carrere of 'Wayne's World' TIA
Certain Indian Muslim FAQIR
Chic style? DISCO
Chicken tikka ___ MASALA
Common Muslim name ALI
Concept IDEA
Corp. homebase HDQRS
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Dog food brand IAMS
Down Under birds EMUS
Dreaded person? RASTA
Drinkware that might be filled with Arabic coffee? IRAQGLASS
Drunk LIT
Fit in ADAPT
Hobo's crime VAGRANCY
Implement for checking the doneness of a steak? SIRLOINQTIP
In need of Maalox, perhaps GASSY
Insidious computer program SPYWARE
Kill, as one's military commander FRAG
Kinte of 'Roots' KUNTA
Larry the Cable Guy catchphrase GITRDONE
Leaves a gig RESIGNS
Lesser NYC airport LGA
Letter after beta GAMMA
Man before men ADAM
Many opera performances SOLI
Middle Eastern football competition? QATARIGAMES
Much the same ALIKE
NFL snap-takers QBS
One-named 2009 Oscar winner MONIQUE
Options for a cartoonist INKS
Pachinko billionaire Kunio Busujima's country JAPAN
Prefix with 61-Down GASTRO
Refrigerator company named for the town it started in AMANA
Rodeo manufacturer ISUZU
Root beer for the intergalactic market? MARSBARQS
Shakespearean king LEAR
Sixth-century year when the Armenian calendar begins DLII
Skin blemish WART
Snake sound SSS
Sold above face value SCALPED
State flower of Utah SEGO
Subunits of lbs. OZS
Sustainable culinary movement SLOWFOOD
Swiss river with a famous gorge AAR
Take effect SETIN
Tank top often removed in public? GASCAP
Technology for many an awkward-looking monster, briefly CGI
Times out? COMAS
Treat like crap ABUSE
Unit of yarn SKEIN
Untamed WILD
Voided, perhaps, as a ticket TORE
Want to take back RUE
Where Obama received his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize OSLO
Where Tina Fey debuted her Sarah Palin impression SNL
Word with an extraneous apostrophe, often ITS
World's record suffix EST
___ D-Lite (gross frozen dessert place that appeared on 'Sex and the City') TASTI
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