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The Times - Cryptic Nov 07 2009

Ability to use words effectively introduced in school change SWITCH
Almost from the beginning English is mentioned earlier ABOVE
Almost no one gets snooker shots in turn without interruption NONSTOP
Angelus regularly given note in plainsong notation NEUME
Architect popular with one attempt INIGO
Assembled from available bits editor struck out SCRATCHED
Attack Paul before conversion into a saint ASSAULT
Boat with hot and moist German rowing crew? STEAMYACHT
Bored with Derby, perhaps, wanting to take off? CHEESEDOFF
Chap with old study that's drearily dull without finishing plants? PHILODENDRA
Choosy lad needs moving where there are no beds in a dorm DAYSCHOOL
Crude posse badly disposed to give fair legal treatment DUEPROCESS
Fails to get in deer most likely to survive the winter HARDIEST
Fix a time to carry over books on a particular subject TRACTATES
Fool's clipped way of speaking initially tiresome IDIOT
Gets excited about strange find — lots of Turners among landscapes WINDFARMS
Girl going to function briefly without a date SINEDIE
Gold later fastened around pet found genuine AUTHENTICATED
Groovy area of England? RUTLAND
In New York, bill allowed adding work where food is usually served TABLETOP
Insulting a vehicle that is restricting velocity ABUSIVE
Intelligence is almost futile NOUS
Islamic scholars backed by Mamelukes ULEMA
Jo and Beth, say, landed a heavy blow in return, a warning sign LITTLEWOMEN
Language of Pakistan and India used in head of state's greeting SINDHI
Like the Hereford Three Choirs Festival? There's nothing from Gounod in Latin strangely TRIENNIAL
Living extravagantly, crooked MPs con us with copious unction CONSPICUOUSCONSUMPTION
Makes valid appearance finally in run I am too late for? LEGITIMISES
Nothing much to show, even including new musical backing UNINFORMATIVE
One by one NEIGHBOUR
One of two or one among three, possibly EITHER
One son has almost to show great love for a girl ISADORA
Portable computer's not given to one living in colder climes LAPP
Primarily globe-like earth of idealised dimensions GEOID
Put up list showing working film title, such as Abraham Lincoln? EMANCIPATOR
Quack doctor turning up at birth after tea CHARLATAN
Range, ages back, had no horse SCOPE
Result of fire — half forest died in place in Kent ASHFORD
Shout about setter regularly who takes cheap youth accommodation HOSTELLER
Shows disapproval as ballet costumes split across time and time again TUTTUTS
Superlatively dense fool is without place finally on board CLOSEST
Survey lion, but moving so as not to attract attention UNOBTRUSIVELY
Swiss patriot leading canton wins heart of young male showing rare substance TELLURIUM
To crush lentils I increase the speed of a motor turning inside PULVERISE
Top City spy involved one used to transcribe documents COPYTYPIST
Use too many resources? More than species die OVERSPEND
Venerated memento of priest kept by Catholic RELIC
Virgin graduate's chased by tutor — not available! MADONNA
Vital person goes round the bend, note — crazy CORNERSTONE
Vocal hit with Queen's worthless backing group POWERBASE
Wager prince is pursuing what might be noble engagement BETROTHAL
Was patient put back in A & E? I must have oxygen AEROBE
Wealthy Greek annoyed about EU split CROESUS
What can turn out to be this? Sorb tree can! ARBORESCENT
What plays (over the heads of many) a Liberal author has cut, not having succeeded ALPENHORN
What weepy relatives may surround? PYRE
Where many divine creatures dance with favoured man at home? PINHEAD
Where Oedipus returned to sanity with foible beaten as well as a person might do (2,3,4,2,4,7) TOTHEBESTOFONESABILITY
Without cover from insurance finally, ask for money back NUDE
Without much thought, student club introducing one new wine and a lot of beer UNINTENTIONAL
A board's energy goes a long way AFAR
As main road, elevated, bearing right ARTERIAL
Assistant runs into women, but not happily NUMBERTWO
Calms down situations in which rant regularly experienced PLACATES
Crack joke during abridged act DECODE
Criminal gets welcome meal to break egg on PROHIBITED
Each cutting visible as gorge OVEREAT
Exhaust fitted to one type of vehicle TAXI
Faith is real in unorthodox church RELIANCE
Fresh denial almost turned bore on PERTAINED
I took van round youth centre for loving son without thinking ILLADVISED
In Bennett's work he dealt with two lives intertwined THEOLDWIVESTALE
Judge wants prisoner to raise standard? REFLAG
Make prisoner return small dog collar BANGUP
Mostly, when I ring number, lines close BASICALLY
Nice new walls round part of school influenced by ancient architecture NEOCLASSIC
Old vehicle diagram includes one form of wheel CHARIOT
One short dog's bitten back by sort of robot CYBORG
Operator thus rings press on unspecified number SURGEON
Rough edges to every plastic bag in America? SPECIALTY
Sally requests a new sample PLEASANTRY
Sanction it — breaking into flat — for robbery BANDITRY
Slip that could be very cold? Hot in a skirt AVALANCHE
Source of material for soap — old crook admitting father's married OILPALM
Strides casually from fringes of jungle while inhaling nitrogen JEANS
The man she married and finally lost in Stornoway? HEBRIDEAN
Time inside for example? STAY
Use crane when one's dropped anchor HOST
You should take snuff DOUSE
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