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The Times - Cryptic Mar 19 2011

. . . . . man? ASTRONAUT
A balloon gets further ASWELL
A little cold, which may help pixie to swim backwards? SNIFFLE
A very strong punch bringing terror AFFRIGHT
Adage he and Ella'd then jazzed up including the last of Louis Armstrong's words THEEAGLEHASLANDED
Arrest after partners admitting murder, describing the crime of fraud, say? WHITECOLLAR
As ten is under twelve's close and fifty's over! ELEVEN
Bad puns sounded like a half-made bed? UNSPRUNG
Baggage I emptied man sorted out IMPEDIMENTA
Best, as I suggest, to hide lack of progress STASIS
Blind faith required, as one with puppies? DOGMA
Bring round secateurs — it needs shaping RESUSCITATE
Capital's extremists lost, so exhausted ALLIN
Card (not yours) used as source of riches? DIAMONDMINE
Catching criminal, one fifth of prisoners put in river CONTAGIOUS
Caught among the dead bats, cut off DETACHED
Cleaner, filthy girl? SCRUBBER
Cold, like a half of rugby? STANDOFFISH
Constant: it limits some number relative to another number INSISTENT
Country included on map? No good memory INDIA
Cross made with brown stick and second of poles TANGELO
Dairy compound asking for money back RENNET
Data entered the wrong way round INPUT
Designed like a bird, canary mode, I suspect! AERODYNAMIC
Dynasty has to eat big starter, then food turns up HABSBURG
Elizabeth a girl? No, a phoney GLORIANA
Extraordinary unit, four goals a man, getting Brazilian draw SUGARLOAFMOUNTAIN
First proper gold ring PRIMORDIAL
Fuel man with fish and hog, scoffing some egg, but no soldiers CHARCOALBURNER
Great British actor taking Hollywood flight in the end ALASTAIRSIM
Grown mad with rage aboard vessel, getting the blues on the Clyde GLASGOWRANGERS
Halfwit politician breaking crackpot party's back NUMPTY
Hand in valid reference REMITTAL
Hear of land which is hot CHILLI
Heinous criminal coming from one's office INHOUSE
Hit about a bit, cold chicken split SPATCHCOCK
Holy man starts to shake, and delivers homily unsupported SADHU
Jerk hard to produce material CLOTH
Lass circling ancient sea gets first prize GOLDMEDAL
Longing to move to Cornwall, perhaps? Then shift! SWITCH
Marie Curie was buff with this FRENCHPOLISH
Measure result of camp fire? EXTENT
Much-loved grey maroon flower DESERTORCHID
No leader for geographical trip in the Aegean, originally ARCHIPELAGO
Not all prefer microbiologists — he was a nuclear physicist FERMI
Old Aussie tramp's drink SUNDOWNER
Old leader getting on a bit having to live outside BONAPARTE
Part of leg finding perfect moment to lift TIBIA
Party a flop after answer found in Sibelius, say FIANNAFAIL
Peer through end of telescope with no end of misgiving EQUAL
Property people, in principle TENEMENT
Quickly finding fashionable length HOTFOOT
Reliable then, with cover SOLID
Seaside walks providing unusual perception, area beginning to divide into paths ESPLANADES
Seen in reality, East Side FACET
Shakespearean swore about thundering British rainstorm CLOUDBURST
Soon to protect one with last of lubricant, apply oil ANOINT
Striplings investing nothing for a great deal LOADS
Stripper's business seen from behind in lechery LOCUST
The boss first on hand? TOPBANANA
Tricks with cutlery, not new but fine SPOOFS
Ultimate in madmen, say? NUTTER
Bird so high? KITE
Branch is more friendly when head leaves OSIER
Bribe to attack defender KICKBACK
Conspicuous way to be dismissed, say BOLD
Couple to front of electrical coil TWINE
Does he travel over snow from one point to a second? ESKIMO
Falsely claim a bishop has no people attending ARROGATE
Fortune finally lost in lawsuits, one's cordial CASSIS
Grey sleeve over takeaway LIPIZZANER
In barrel, ancient spirit ELAN
In the Bible, a way to the boat that was its salvation? AARDVARK
Incline to concede, about to fail GRADIENT
Like some sugar? One is so unchanging CUBED
Looked happier, given lots of extra benefits? PERKEDUP
Mistake as voter failed to conceal expression of despair OVERSIGHT
Muscle needed for endless path to peak PROTRACTOR
Oddly easy to raise suitable credit ESTEEM
Pictured saint without a name DREW
Piece of geometry teacher covered a month earlier DODECAGON
Quaint doll we order, almost in error OLDEWORLDE
Railroad speculator has to meditate no end BULLDOZE
Refuse to acknowledge second point SNUB
Section of flight is a short distance STEP
See enormous energy unrestrained LOOSE
Start to see aged in new light: sick? Not really SWINGINGTHELEAD
The way a mass of ice can cover skin in August STRINDBERG
Turning, be captured by knight at entrance to City TEMPLEBAR
Under cover, competitor forming a number of bonds TRIVALENT
United keep clubs on the spot ATONCE
Usual position to reserve? I'm full of ideas COMMONPLACEBOOK
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