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The Times - Cryptic Feb 26 2011

Dead elephantine mammal in mother's wardrobe? MASTODON
Detailed horse bug as most severe STEEPEST
Doctor inserted end of needle to soften flesh TENDERISE
Dog's rib SPRINGER
Eight in nine are astigmatic in Iran and Iraq, etc NEAREAST
Evidently stuffed, Queen and boy cooking? OVERLADEN
External computer device missing lead OUTER
Family member's entire acne, regularly spotted NIECE
Fool upright character before one's taken in point IDIOT
From which one may be served sweet nuts OFFONESTROLLEY
Group exercise stems rising river SEPTET
Historically ungrammatical, so to speak ASITWERE
Is one prone to accept fine? His punishment much worse! LIFER
May become cold? Turning warmer COGNAC
Meat one found in the tail RABBIT
Money defaced at home, being mischievous ELFIN
Monster with an iron stomach getting free meal BEANFEAST
Northerner wearing no pants NORWEGIAN
One joining college in court martial after settlement MATRICULATOR
One's blooming meat sauce! OXLIP
One's designs may cover a number of flags PAVEMENTARTIST
Port to share out SPLIT
Short, extremely cold clothing for king in dance POLKA
So one can is red, or tin curiously orange at first INORDERTO
SW1 toff beginning to sample the fury of the bank manager? SLOANERANGER
Tiresome job sees daughter between the sheets during work TREADMILL
Uprising amounting to nothing? That's fine! MUSLIN
Wallop catches feral fox BEWILDER
Aeronautical engineer's time outside Washington gradually reduced WHITTLEDAWAY
Area producing old Spanish wine? EXTENT
Author entertaining setter? Yes and no, as he would say SIMENON
Cheesy event over most quickly? BRIEFEST
Cock-and-bull story about a beast in a western city? LARAMIE
Command economy just beginning? Certainly, I agree EYESRIGHT
Conductor for audience is sent up GUYED
Cultivated pearl I'm getting ready in Honduras LEMPIRA
Dismissing complaint after learner driver is involved in smash RULINGOUT
Divine consort given hard time HERA
Don't read all I'd written about horse DIPINTO
Dropping-off place east of Eden LANDOFNOD
Effect of erosion complete after rock face splits like this SWALLOWHOLE
Encourage doctor in shower FOSTER
Every second counts in Georgian poet's country ERIN
Fascinating term used on book cover SPELLBINDING
Fashion article backing city in Italy MODENA
Father accepts drink with fewer bubbles FLATTER
Fish swimming in Coral Sea, mostly ESCOLAR
Flare up as pert individual went smoothly FLIPONESLID
Fortune teller taking in Saint David PSALMIST
Fruit packed with energy taken by tea blender CHAMELEON
Game old lady last to open drawer DRAUGHTSMAN
Good theologians fend these off (2,3,4,2,3,6) ONTHESIDEOFTHEANGELS
Group of singers showing great delight with beat GLEECLUB
Have what it takes to determine the altitude? MEASUREUP
He painted a young bird POUSSIN
Head coach with no time for piece of cake NOBRAINER
Heavenly place like French department ASGARD
How to minimise friction as result of a strike OILWELL
Involved as acute Hegelian in German trade union HANSEATICLEAGUE
Is a sylph getting stewed fruit? PHYSALIS
It expanded and forced out the main rival ITALIANVERMOUTH
Land tumbling into sea ESTONIA
Material left by Admiralty, primarily material for building a sub REPLACEMENT
Nameless newspaper supporting US city airport LAGUARDIA
No longer in trouble near Dutch coast OFFTHEHOOK
Old colonel with Bengal Lancers in mess — poppadums for starters? BLIMP
One god (not French one) being maladroit INEPT
One's stuck in French town — that should prove one's innocence ALIBI
People in the mass listened to on the radio HERD
Pert maid with money but not much better off SOUBRETTE
Play in concert, deferring intro ROMP
Poacher regularly seen with many cats OCELOTS
Poetic work identified by Americans surprisingly includes original parts of Milton's English sonnets (2,5,4,4,5) LABELLEDAMESANSMERCI
Polite fellow, more or less, with a shed MANNERLY
Precocious girl pocketing a hundred stones on the way MACADAM
Repairing middle section of third lane — that may ease congestion INHALER
Republicans and Democrats initially stop work in USA and part of Canada LABRADOR
Run away — shock follower TURNTAIL
Satchmo, for example — odd man out finally upfront TRUMPETER
Shaking tambourine? Not our sort of music AMBIENT
Sort of beacon, not the first for prophet ELISHA
Stone circles round large animated figure GOLEM
Submissive bearing YIELDING
Supervisor of games interrupting work in plant TREFOIL
Taking supporters back to meet cast SNAFFLING
Test the quality of lead-free fuel, for example? ASSAY
The money outsiders from Corinth invested in play? DRACHMA
Twain boards old vessel that's no longer fit for purpose OUTWORN
Useless pause before birds come up over the hill PASTIT
Venue for meeting people before lectures RACECOURSE
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