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The Times - Cryptic Aug 27 2011

A chap holds back lightweight warrior AMAZON
At end of debate, I agree to speak, having a bit of a crab EYESTALK
Bonus mark for arithmetic PLUS
Capsule is prepared by medical superintendent ASCLEPIUS
Change of rule is not typical FOREIGN
Cheap clothes so long? Rather short TAT
Check, needing to make good time, in truth DOGSTOOTH
Cook rather shrivelled pods OKRA
Craftsman, a dull one AMATI
Cut up by failure to agree with clubs replacing chairmen finally DISSECT
Doomed to lose every other possible mate for Rudolph? DOE
Endlessly fastidious, note, and well-spoken ARTICULATE
Forgive them leaving hair round the bath TRESPASSES
Guard troops, as non-combatant officer PADRE
House has seating area with many rows — D, for example SEMICIRCLE
In a classically singular country? INDIUM
Lightly touched sound chest KIST
Live, escaping notice of the bureaucracy UNRECORDED
Outspoken European satire CANDIDE
Pigeon decapitated — one's on target OUTER
Prince using speed to keep motor at the front — pole position? HALFMAST
Problem solved by sleeping on it? INSOMNIA
Rating 27 contaminated with gas SEADOG
Short ring's noise making for marked presence SIGNEDIN
Sort of joint of veal ruins in the cooking UNIVERSAL
Spoil Christopher's formal clothes MESSKIT
Square boundary FOUR
To see Hutton batting was revolutionary LENIN
To summarise, nothing was irrelevant ALLTOLD
Trumpeter missing moment has to insert note in fragment of tune SNATCH
When to make reparations once? ATONETIME
A more efficient shelter for termites, primarily — should keep this out? ANTEATER
Artist hasn't succeeded with a couple of animals — then reposition characters ANAGRAMMATISE
Artist's circle, after beginning to starve, tucked into unleavened bread ROSSETTI
Author's work rejected by audience, finally ELIOT
Capone and Eisenhower, twins? ALIKE
Clean, sound agreement, clearly sealed? VACUUMPACKED
Cocktail item making northern pervert recoil PRAWN
Criminal concealing falsehoods, be aware ultimately it's for show! FOLIESBERGERE
Current information about radius showing areas of dying tissue INFARCTS
Dance — hot stuff! SALSA
Drinks follow sandwiches in rep's patter SALESTALK
Exactly where to hammer ONTHENAIL
Extravagant nation's empire OTTOMAN
Flight requested, not the first to go off SKEDADDLE
French composer backing down about his neighbours? DUKAS
Gold leaf walls in Chinese family home for kids ORPHANAGE
Having lost time, it's key possibly, to get watch out! YIKES
Idiot — he'd swallowed a sausage HEADBANGER
If not cloudy, going topless UNLESS
In jail (a new cooler) one old Argentinian who kept speeding JUANFANGIO
It requires iodine in case it's most irritating ITCHIEST
Joseph's home, where dull man breaks into song ARIMATHEA
Leaning to one side, king hampered by a stitch ASKEW
Legislative officer arrests magnate, corrupt SERGEANTATARMS
Live broadcast's midpoint viewed before spring DWELL
Local district of Northern Ireland's interior INNARDS
Man of venom, cross with one officer, goes in to boot soldiers at back of hut TOXICOLOGIST
Member thus raised point out of communication INTRACTION
Memory failing at last, isn't one awful! SENIORMOMENT
Mongrel called outside with duck, Australian bird CURRAWONG
Move away from weapon one brandished SLINGONESHOOK
OK to expose male in corruption FAIRTOMIDDLING
One of twenty-four in cage, bitter about it — one gets disease BERIBERI
Opposite soubriquet, first of titles penned ANTONYM
Pass on article between punt and another vessel KICKTHEBUCKET
Peers endorse part of the equation EQUALSSIGN
Plate up lamb, perhaps ANIMAL
Poem about Manx cat I put into prayers OPUSDEI
Prayer, as recalled, for the end of logarithms! MANTISSA
Put down, for example, in a cot ABASED
Reverse up past roundabout, steer to the left — that's one's course OXTAILSOUP
Right note, wrong information for German physicist ROENTGEN
Roughly speaking, cello not a percussion instrument GLOCKENSPIEL
Sign supporting wife — and others like her? WOMEN
Smooth wood PLANE
Sorry, sorry state of poor-brained guy IBEGYOURPARDON
Soundly defeat, using back of fist to punch boys DESTROY
Strong flier becoming weak FRAIL
Summertime: one following royal couple — it's hard, by the way KERBSTONE
Survivor filing page, a copy REPLICA
Through road being opened, longing to get back to Martha's summer retreat VINEYARD
Time passed quickly, say, for viral disease BIRDFLU
Try seeking opponents, perhaps ESSAY
Unexpected or late response, music to one's ears? PERSONALSTEREO
Unprofitable but universal trick to swell poor income UNECONOMIC
Very English page? That's not right! EVERSO
Vote on act, one I'm rigging — might it be regressive? INCOMETAX
What's ungrammatically taken down in response, often REPEATEDLY
Wreck place, if it's a mess SPIFLICATE
Younger relative's crushes? STEPSON
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