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The Times - Concise Dec 24 2011

Astronomical distance LIGHTYEAR
Became smaller or fewer DECREASED
Clinging crustacean BARNACLE
Come together CONVERGE
Communal hospital space DAYROOM
Cook ,eg, a cake BAKE
Cooked chicken pieces DRUMSTICKS
Cutting instrument SHEARS
Defensive walls RAMPARTS
Drugs/toiletries shop CHEMIST
Force to be accepted IMPOSE
Getting rid of OFFLOADING
Hard labour TOIL
Hold back RESTRAIN
Hotel counter; newspaper section DESK
Hungry, greedy ESURIENT
Idiot; drug DOPE
In every important aspect (2,3,7,3,8) TOALLINTENTSANDPURPOSES
Intend; average MEAN
Kitchen utensil STRAINER
Knot; link TIE
Light clock SUNDIAL
Made operative ACTIVATED
Make less heavy LIGHTEN
Measurer of turning force TORQUEMETER
Muscly; fibrous SINEWY
On the next page OVERLEAF
One who studies felons CRIMINOLOGIST
Principles for judging CRITERIA
Region of north-eastern France LORRAINE
Regular bulletin NEWSLETTER
Relating to what is not the case COUNTERFACTUAL
Resolute, determined STRONGMINDED
Sad; colour BLUE
Saying little TACITURN
Severe, serious GRIEVOUS
Showing initiative ENTERPRISING
Sign raising or lowering a musical note ACCIDENTAL
Small animals INSECTS
Sound sales policy (3,8,2,5,5) THECUSTOMERISNEVERWRONG
Spielberg's 1993 film SCHINDLERSLIST
Squid as food CALAMARI
Structural metal beam GIRDER
Such as is used for fluid thermometers CAPILLARYTUBE
Thrillingly exciting ELECTRIC
Traditional board game NINEMENSMORRIS
Traditional remedy for vision problems EYEBRIGHT
Turn round ROTATE
Unit of current AMP
Valley VALE
Water craft BOAT
Way of making a ball curve TOPSPIN
Wood-preserving oil CREOSOTE
Writing on, eg, a monument INSCRIPTION
Angle FISH
Arabian storyteller SCHEHERAZADE
Black wood EBONY
Canine guard WATCHDOG
Chronic anxiety over health HYPOCHONDRIA
Cloudiness OPACITY
Concise BRIEF
Defeat with cunning OUTFOX
Disorderly RIOTOUS
Even; clothing UNIFORM
Family of birds BROOD
German city associated with Goethe WEIMAR
Greedy; little animal PIGGY
Long sea journey VOYAGE
Material; sounding like a clock TICKING
Name for a fox REYNARD
One of Marx Brothers GROUCHO
Pacific island known for World War 2 battle IWOJIMA
Part of the psyche QUIP
Preliminary shares certificate SCRIP
Smart alec (US) WISEGUY
Strong-scented plant YARROW
Stupid person IDIOT
Witty remark ANIMA
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