How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 21 2015

". . . by the ___ early light . . ." DAWNS
"A ___ Good Men" FEW
"Buzz" Aldrin, formally EDWIN
"Deck the Halls," for one CAROL
"Eureka!" relative OHO
"George Washington ___ here" SLEPT
"It's OK after all" in editing STET
"Monkey ___, monkey do" SEE
"The ___ and the Pendulum" PIT
"___ many cooks . . ." TOO
Abdominal organ SPLEEN
Accompany in the front seat RIDESHOTGUN
Airborne targets SKEET
Always around ETERNAL
Appear suddenly POPUP
Bald baby? EAGLET
Barnyard belle EWE
Beanery side order SLAW
Before, old-style ERE
Benz add-on ENE
Bermuda or pearl ONION
Bill of cowboy legend PECOS
Breakfast items for Nero OVA
Bring the curtain down on END
Carnival city, casually RIO
Certain cotton threads LISLES
Chill-inducing EERIE
Clock-watcher's wait, seemingly EON
Common condiment MUSTARD
Consultants, at heart? ULT
Courtroom excuse ALIBI
Dangerously unpredictable sort LOOSECANNON
Daytona unit CAR
Desert formation SANDDUNE
Diamond headgear TIARA
Dublin's home EIRE
Eyeglasses, informally SPECS
Female elephant COW
Fibula's neighbor TIBIA
Fighter from Kentucky ALI
Florist's cuttings STEMS
French philosopher Georges ___ SOREL
Game stickers? SPEARS
Gardener's preparations SEEDBEDS
Gene sharers KIN
Get ___ of (trash) RID
Grifter's action CON
Has a yen HANKERS
Herd of seals POD
Irritating one TWERP
It's faster than allegro PRESTO
Like Mickey Mouse, obviously EARED
Like rice and potatoes STARCHY
More than heavy OBESE
Mr. Aykroyd DAN
One of the Beatles STARR
One's boy SON
Part of history ERA
Pirate's favorite weapon TRUSTYSWORD
Place belowdecks STOW
Place for a riding mower SHED
Plumbers' helpers SNAKES
Poetic collection EPOS
Professor's protection TENURE
Psychedelic drug, for short LSD
Really blow a trumpet BLARE
Rival of a Sadducee PHARISEE
Sample, as wine SIP
Shaped like a football OVOID
Small container for liquids CRUSE
Statements of beliefs CREEDS
Swiss soldier's do-all POCKETKNIFE
Type of computer screen CRT
Upscale performers ARTISTES
___ Ysidro, Calif SAN
___-Wan Kenobi OBI
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