How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 19 2015

"Chicken Run" extra HEN
"Drat!" and "Shazam!" OATHS
"To Sir With Love" singer LULU
Another type of sauce TARTAR
Blood-typing sys ABO
Bomb type ATOM
Borrower's burden LIEN
Cantilevered bay window ORIEL
College girl COED
Come across as SEEM
Complete a wax museum figure, perhaps BEWIG
Counterspy MOLE
Daffy Duck's opinion YOUREDESPICABLE
Delicate discrimination TASTE
Detail ITEM
Dwarfed tree BONSAI
Eighth of a circle OCTILE
Elmer Fudd's response IMHUNTINWABBITS
Exclamation of exertion WHEW
Extinct mollusks AMMONITES
Famous isle of exile ELBA
Fertility goddess ISIS
First name in famous art subjects MONA
Gather on a surface, in chemistry ADSORB
Geometrician's calculation AREA
Grand, as an adventure EPIC
Groom's selection USHER
Hammer part PEEN
Hayseed RUBE
How some things come and go? EASY
Indian nanny AYAH
Innocent dreams may originate here CRIB
Intensely passionate TORRID
Invader of the Roman Empire GOTH
Jeff's partner in comics MUTT
Joseph Smith espoused it MORMONISM
Lady demon LAMIA
Light on one's feet SPRY
List sometimes in chalk MENU
Lullaby's three? ELLS
Make less effective IMPAIR
Measuring instruments GAUGES
Mongolian expanse GOBI
Motel for a psycho? BATES
Movie feat STUNT
Native-born Israeli SABRA
Nimbus HALO
Not digital ANALOG
Not in favor of ANTI
Off land ASEA
Old VHS rival BETA
Paint with light strokes DAB
Partially melted snow SLUSH
Ply with wine BESOT
Printed characters TYPE
Punch with it AWL
Refuse to endorse VETO
Remove one's bowler? UNHAT
Rubber ducky's milieu TUB
Sailor boy SWAB
Shrove Tuesday follower LENT
Slangy detractors HATERS
Slow-moving mammals SLOTHS
Targets AIMS
The German state REICH
Third-rate hotel DIVE
Turner of films LANA
Type of corporate resources HUMAN
Type of sauce SOY
Unacceptable marks for teenagers ACNE
Vendue SALE
Watch part STEM
What an astronaut may get into ORBIT
Yosemite Sam's impression IHATETHATRABBIT
You'll stand tall with it STILT
Ziegfeld's Fanny BRICE
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