How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 01 2013

"College" member who votes ELECTOR
"Doh!" for one CATCHWORD
"I do hereby dub thee . . ." title SIR
"Laughing" or "natural" follower GAS
"Quite contrary" lass MARY
A bad one should be kicked HABIT
Airline's home base HUB
Attacks verbally SLAMS
Banned from polite conversation TABOO
Barney's buddy, in cartoondom FRED
Be half asleep DROWSE
Bearded, as grass AWNED
Biggest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Blender noise WHIR
Bone of contention RUB
Carry on PROCEED
Christmas tree ornaments, e.g ORBS
City on a fjord OSLO
Cobb or Caesar SALAD
Cubicle feature DESK
Enjoyed a roller coaster RODE
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Film dubber's concern SYNCH
Flu variety ASIAN
Funny panelist Somers BRETT
Golfer's shout FORE
Gulf by Somalia ADEN
Hodgepodge PATCHWORK
Holds, as for questioning DETAINS
Horse's flyswatter TAIL
ID datum DOB
Irish moss, e.g SEAWEED
Is in the past? WAS
It describes two shoes? GOODY
Just Plains folks? OSAGES
Like doilies LACY
Lock of Goldilocks TRESS
Newspaper clipping ITEM
Of Man, but not of woman? ISLE
On a menu, for instance LISTED
One way to drink something hot SIP
One way to pay CASH
Other than what's mentioned ELSE
Pain in the neck CRICK
Performed on stage ACTED
Piece together film EDIT
Practice piece for Chopin ETUDE
Reed instrument OBOE
Remains on the hearth ASH
Role for Dudley ARTHUR
Sailing vessel KETCH
Sam of Watergate fame ERVIN
Set edge-to-edge ABUT
Short-legged Welsh pooch CORGI
Show for 3-Down (with "The") MATCHGAME
Slugger Williams TED
Small drum sometimes joined by a fife TABOR
Sped madly TORE
Speeder's downfall RADAR
Star of changing brightness NOVA
Style of car HATCHBACK
Supermarket roller CART
Target on the green HOLE
Tehran coin RIAL
To be, to Augustus ESSE
Undergarment with an underwire BRA
Unintellectual LOWBROW
Unit in an erg's definition DYNE
Use Rollerblades SKATE
Way-overpriced item RIPOFF
Wheeled table TEACART
Where cranberries grow BOG
Wide-spouted pourer EWER
Wisconsin observatory YERKES
Word with "steel" or "pigeon" TOED
Yiddish "trash" DREK
Young doggie PUP
___ Khan (Var.) AGHA
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