How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 10 2013

"For the case at hand" ADHOC
"If all ___ fails . . ." ELSE
"Monty Python" troupe member IDLE
"Stiffelio" and "Don Carlos" OPERAS
"The best-___ plans . . ." LAID
"The Twilight ___" ZONE
"___ turn up" ITLL
A sorority letter PHI
Act of dressing and grooming oneself TOILETTE
As far as one can get from well-intentioned EVIL
Author/politician Gingrich NEWT
Averse LOATH
Big Toyota vehicle TUNDRA
Blackout news source RADIO
Body of good conduct ETHIC
Bridges on TV BEAU
Character weakness FOIBLE
Climactic scene in "Hamlet" DUEL
Communicate silently SIGN
Con ___ (spiritedly) BRIO
Concerning the ear OTIC
Court dance of the 16th century COURANTE
Daycare lineup CRIBS
Dead against ANTI
Do some bartending POUR
Exclamations of wonderment OOHS
First name in a Potok title ASHER
Flap on a Shakespeare cover? ADO
Footnote abbr IBID
Gag gift for a dentist? CHATTERINGTEETH
Goombah PAL
Heirs, legally ALIENEES
His pants are on fire LIAR
It's in Scandinavia OSLO
Italian wines VINOS
Japanese cartooning style ANIME
Jiffy SEC
Jump on ice AXEL
Letters that clocks are set by GMT
Like most movies RATED
Like some pickings SLIM
Mark with a branding iron SEAR
Media opiners, to Agnew NATTERINGNABOBS
Mentally unstable, slangily SCHIZO
Moonstruck GAGA
Nerve fiber AXON
Pinball foul TILT
Playwright Simon NEIL
Plunged downward DOVE
Prefix with "phyte" NEO
Rattling threat SABER
River spanned by La Pont Neuf SEINE
Seed vessel with prickles BUR
Site of a lopsided landmark PISA
Sonnies LADS
Spinning shop tool LATHE
State of agitation SNIT
Straight, at the bar NEAT
Straightest, as an arrow TRUEST
Sugar source CANE
Summer Olympics "weapon" EPEE
Sweeping story EPIC
The Beehive State UTAH
Tornado-riding pooch TOTO
Totally swamp ENGULF
Tough things to deal with SHATTERINGBLOWS
Traffic toots BEEPS
Transcending ABOVE
Treaties PACTS
Type of lotion CALAMINE
Untouchable service ACE
Upgrade, as the decor REDO
Uses an ax LOPS
Very small amount IOTA
Was rude at a dance CUTIN
___ music (write a score for) SETTO
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