How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 10 2012

"A-Tisket, A-Tasket" singer Fitzgerald ELLA
"Ad astra per ___" (Kansas motto) ASPERA
"Diamond ___" LIL
"Little Orphan Annie" pooch SANDY
"___ and bother!" DRAT
1967 Oscar winner Parsons ESTELLE
Archibald of NBA fame NATE
Beat it HIED
Behaviorist's advanced degree DSS
Boorish fellows CHURLS
Canine restraint TETHER
Carnival locales MIDWAYS
Change for the better REDACT
Co. perk, perhaps HMO
Comic strip witch BROOMHILDA
Comics page reporter BRENDASTARR
Common conifers YEWS
Creature that's part woman and part bird HARPY
Crossword clue division ACROSS
Cry of dismay ALAS
Crybaby's plaint BOOHOO
Current matter? AMPERE
Dagwood's love BLONDIE
Dam up STEM
Decorator's decision COLOR
European capital BERN
Every one ALL
Flammable '60s item BRA
Give a makeover REDO
Grazing grounds LEAS
Had coming EARNED
Having a row, maybe? ASEA
Heaviest U.S. president TAFT
Insect repellent ingredient DEET
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Kett of old funnies ETTA
Kicked off STARTED
Kind of plate FASHION
Lawyer/writer Gardner ERLE
Like Jeremiah PROPHETIC
Man, but not Woman ISLE
Member of a Disney septet DOC
Metalworker's tool BLOWTORCH
Munster man HERR
Null's companion VOID
Persian Gulf republic IRAN
Peter Fonda 1997 film role ULEE
Physics units ATOMS
Potential Guinness World Records entry FEAT
Prescribed amount DOSE
Rhymer's scheme, perhaps ABAB
Romain de Tirtoff alias ERTE
Roy Hobbs' "Wonderboy" BAT
Shady recess ARBOR
Shah Jahan's domain AGRA
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Silent bid NOD
Singing Horne LENA
Sites of abs and lats BODS
Slab stat ERA
Small merganser SMEW
Small quarrel TIFF
Space traveler of serials FLASHGORDON
Spring mos APRS
Springtime events THAWS
Strong longing YEN
Targets for a modern mouse ICONS
The hot saison ETE
They may be thumped CHESTS
Tree output SAP
Turbulent time ADO
Weigh station unit TON
White adored by 37-Down SNOW
Windmill blade VANE
Winsor McCay character LITTLENEMO
Winter coat? ICE
Wolfe the sleuth NERO
Word with "special" or "photo" OPS
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