How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 04 2015

"Beetle Bailey" creator Walker MORT
"Call of the Wild" vehicle SLED
"Check, mate" AYE
"Honor Thy Father" author Talese GAY
"I know the answer!" AHA
"Little House on the Prairie," e.g SAGA
"___ Maria" AVE
'60s London teen MOD
67.5 degrees, on a compass ENE
Advises URGES
Affectionate utterance COO
African riverbed WADI
Alternative to rubber bullets TEARGAS
Annoying and aggravating GRATING
Any game show contestant? PRIZEFIGHTER
Assure, as a victory ICE
Athlete who plays for pay PRO
Become liquid, sometimes THAW
Blacksmith's metal IRON
Brandished WIELDED
Brit's afternoon snack TEACAKE
Busy IRS mo APR
Cartridge contents INK
Computer accessory WEBCAM
Consumer-protection org FDA
Cook's vessel POT
Cookout disposable COB
Corn concoction PONE
Did some finger painting DAUBED
Dry gully, out west ARROYO
Emulate Jesse James ROB
Extremely harsh BRUTAL
Filled pancake BLINTZ
Find in a mine ORE
Follow as a result ENSUE
Gawking at EYING
Genus of tropical trees EUGENIA
Get through sheer will? INHERIT
Gets better, as a wound HEALS
Gregg specialist, for short STENO
Gross-minus-net weight TARE
Helicopter blade ROTOR
Important times, historically ERAS
It's all in your head BRAIN
Italian courtyards ATRIA
Japanese martial art AIKIDO
Large, round hairdo AFRO
Lift in cold weather? TBAR
Like diamonds SPARKLY
Made a right turn, on a horse GEED
Miles per hour, e.g RATE
Movement concerned with crystals NEWAGE
Native American grouping TRIBE
Neither white nor black GRAY
Not fit to be eaten ROTTEN
Pack down, as dirt TAMP
Pastor, briefly REV
Performs, old-style DOETH
Pie-eyed BLOTTO
Poem of tribute ODE
Red-billed aquatic bird MOORHEN
Rip to pieces TEARUP
Rubbish TRASH
Run ___ of (violate) AFOUL
Say "I shouldn't have done that" REPENT
Seemingly impossible time EON
Show one's face APPEAR
Shutout score, in soccer NIL
Stones fan? GEOLOGIST
Sudden emotional pang TWINGE
Super-duper AONE
Trilogy finale number III
Unruly little kid IMP
Voice in the choir ALTO
Winter Olympics item LUGE
___ for tat TIT
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